Monday, June 14, 2010

Melbourne Index

Slow and steady... I have finally finished my Melbourne posts. It's taken me 2 + weeks to finish 3 day's worth of eating. Typical lazy self.

On my trip to Melbourne, I discovered that:
  1. Kat and I are perfectly in sync as travel buddies
  2. I'm more cold-tolerant that I thought. But...
  3. I'm not at all rain-tolerant
  4. Eating can be more exhausting that shopping
  5. Good food can make me forgive questionable service
  6. I'm growing in favor of cheap bubbly wine
  7. Other cities might be fun for the weekend but I like nothing more than Brisbane for living
Now, onto my list of food experiences for easy perusing.

Index of Melbourne Restaurants:



  1. What a fantastic post! This really reminds me of home. Great choice for heading to Yum cha cafe, Aix Cafe Creperie Salon, Brunetti & MoVida. If you head down again you should try Hu Tong Dumpling Bar in the CBD. This blog is great and exactly what I've been looking for. Having recently moved to Brissy I've struggled to find good and good cheap places to eat. Keep it up! If you ever head down to Melb again and would like some suggestions drop me an email at

  2. Oh noooouuuuu, you missed the best-est place of all!

    You MUST go here next if you are a cake fan:

    I swear by their Brownie & Passionfruit Gateau.
    I am an absolute dessert freak and that is the single best cake I have ever eaten. Each bite was perfection, the layers were mindblowing. I'd eat there every day if I lived in Melbourne!

    I hope you go again soon!

  3. Hi Trina...
    Of course I'll go to Melbourne again! If only your rec came before I went this year. That place sounds mad. Sometimes I wish I had multiple stomachs (actually I wish that quite often)