Monday, June 14, 2010

Melbourne Day 3: Breakfast at Brunetti


I have already admitted that the main drive behind my desire to go to Melbourne was to use store credit that I had. Whilst I was browsing the racks, Kat started chatting with the shop lady who recommended that we try Brunetti for cakes. Cakes? Uh... we LOVE cakes! Yes please.

We asked for directions at the hotel and ended up tramming it there.

Brunetti is huge. There are 2 seating areas. The left is cafe-style with tables for you to enjoy the cakes. On the right is a long bistro-style area where you can order hot food and assorted beverages including coffee and cocktails.

Cheese, tomato and proscuitto roll

We ordered hot breakfasts. Katie chose a cheese, tomato and proscuitto roll. She said it was average because the inside was cold.

Salmon French toast

After much consideration, I went for the salmon French toast.

Cut of French toast

I thought the flavors were lovely but it was a bit dry and required a sauce of some kind. Maybe a hollondaise.

Tiramisu croissant

I also selected a tiramisu croisant which was actually quite delicious.

Bite shot of the croissant

The tiramisu filling was gorgeous and creamy without being overbearing. It was nice and flaky too.


I ordered a cappucino(veering away from my usual of latte) and it was great. I don't think I had a bad coffee the whole time I was in Melbourne.

Hot chocolate

Katherine ordered a hot chocolate, which is HER usual. After a few sips she tells me 'look at this' and it was a love heart! It was a totally unintentional fluke but put a smile on both our faces.

Mini Nutella cheesecake

We then hopped over the the cake side of Brunetti. I tried the mini Nutella cheesecake. YUM.

Strawberry swirl tart

Katherine went for the strawberry swirl tart. I like these mini treats because they're not too guilt-inducing and you can try more variety without making yourself sick :).

Assortment of mini pastries

I also bought a bunch of mini treats for my parents to try. Unfortunately, they didn't have a box for me so the cakes were squished by the time I got back to Brisbane. Still, mum said they tasted good.

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