Monday, June 14, 2010

Melbourne Day 2: Chocolate at Cacao Fine Chocolates

Cacao Fine Chocolate

Day 2 was the start of our shopping adventures. Our trip could just about be summarized as shopping + food. As I mentioned in my initial post, I had store credit that needed to be used so we headed to the GPO. Slightly embarrassing admission: when I first walked past it, I thought the GPO was the general post office? Correction for those who know as little as me: it's a collection of (mostly) Australian brand boutique fashion outlets.

We wandered through the shopping complex glancing disinterestedly at clothing that we couldn't afford (note to self= return to Melbourne when I have an income).

Suddenly, I noticed that I was walking on my own and Katherine had lagged behind. The reason for this was a chocolate kiosk in the middle of the ground floor. I love chocolate but chocolate in little squares with pretty colors doesn't hold that much appeal to me. Give me gooey, chunky blocks with nuts and bits any day.

Nonetheless, Kat bought a pina colada square and in the spirit of trying new things, I got a pistachio square too.

We took some happy snaps and enjoyed these purchases.

The pistachio square was quite complex - layered, creamy and delicious. I'm not sure I prefer it to say, Lindt pistachio blocks, but the novelty is there because they're so small.

Pistachio bite shot

They were really too small to share so I'm not sure how pina colada was but personally, I find it hard to beat a tall curvy class of cream, pineapple and Malibu... with a paper umbrella and curly straw :).


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