Monday, November 29, 2010

Hungry Kittens now has a new Facebook page!

Ahhh technology...

I can admit unabashedly that Facebook is part of my life. I am one of those people that opens up then Facebook App on my iPhone even when I already have Facebook loaded up on my computer.

It then makes sense that my beloved food blog should have its own Facebook page so that readers who, like me, are Facebook addicts can get notified of new posts via their favorite social network website. This idea was suggested to me by a fan of this blog (thanks again Idrhys) and I put it into action right away.

If you like this blog and enjoy reading my posts, please click 'Like' to show your support. I ADORE going out to eat, cooking and writing reviews and it's great to know that others are following along.

Everyone feel free to write on my wall and give suggestions, either about the blog, the page, restaurants you think are good (or not so good) or recipes you're digging right now.

Food is social (and messy)

To me, food is such a social activity, whether you're eating out or cooking at home. Brisbane is still (as I write) a relatively small town and we don't have as much of a foodie network as say, Sydney or Melbourne. Let's change that and get in touch with others who have similar interests. Restaurant reviews, like many things (including where to get your hair cut or your car serviced), is best spread through word of mouth. Similarly, recipes are open to improvements and adjustments.

So everyone, let's get talking :D.

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