Monday, November 29, 2010

Vue Restaurant at Pacific Golf Course

Vue Restaurant at Pacific Golf Course
430 Pine Mountain Rd, Carindale

Today was an interesting today. I got my car (aka a lump of metal that barely runs) serviced for the first time. While we were waiting, grandpa took us to the Pacific Golf Course to get signed up.

How strange.

I did mention to him that I was moving to Toowoomba and would perhaps not benefit greatly from a membership at a local Brisbane golf club... but he insisted.

We sat around enjoying the view. It was actually very nice. The weather was great today and a golf course is always, well, green and smooth.

After lounging around for 2hrs or so, during which time the topic of golf was covered at least 3 times, we finally made it to lunch time.

I was going to order from the daily special list but then decided I was too hungry to wait so opted for a sandwich, which I assumed would be quick. What I didn't take into account was that grandpa ordered the braised lamb which we were told would take 20min. I was tummy-grumbling in despair but luckily it didn't end up taking that long.

My first impression of the food was WOAH... BIG. My mind flipped to this Weight Watchers ad played on The Circle where they were talking about how serving sizes these days are much bigger than in the old days and how this contributes to our over-eating.

Special of the day - braised lamb rump with sweet potato and potato mash

Grandpa split his lamb up so we could all have a taste. I thought it was tender in parts but overall, very lean and tough. I like braised lamb to be melty in texture. The sweet potato mash was nice but the green veggies were just plain steamed and boring. I did point out that this was healthy though.

Pacific club sandwich on two levels with chicken, mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce and tomato with chips and petite salad

My sandwich had 3 layers of bread and was thus also huge. It was a bit dry because there wasn't enough sauce. The bacon was cooked perfectly to my liking (crunchy but not burnt).

Sandwich cross-section

I thought the chips were very good and polished off the whole lot. I quite liked the salad too... it was pleasantly fresh and a welcome change to the dryness of the sandwich and the heaviness of the chips.

Lamb souvlaki wrap with tomato, lettuce and tzatziki with chips

Grandma chose the lamb souvlaki wrap. She said it was OK but not outstanding. The wrap was too chewy for her liking; she prefers a soft wrap. The souvlaki also came with chips but privately, I thought my chips were nicer. Is that just a placebo thing? I assume they were from the same batch so maybe I'm crazy.

It was an interesting experience sitting at the golf course people-watching the seniors. The food wasn't bad and now, as an official member :p, I am entitled to some awesome discounts!

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  1. you should come back again - new owners, new kitchen staff, & a new menu that started last Friday :) :)