Monday, November 22, 2010

You's Noodle Place

You's Noodle Place
8/200 Old Cleveland Road, Coorparoo

The sad thing about uni ending is that it'll get harder and harder to get together for group events when your friends are all going all over the place for work. I've known Mochi and T since maaaybe first year but at the latest, second year uni. We've had many awesome moments involving numerous birthday parties (our birthdays are within a week of each other), D&Ms and gossip sessions.

After finishing our final exam for our final year, we KNEW we'd have to do something together to mark the end of an 'at times rewarding, at many more times stressful' stage of our lives.

We started it off with an unplanned trip to the new Max Brenners in Southbank. I've blogged about Max Brenners in Sydney and the Gold Coast and look, the standards are pretty consistent, OK? I'm going to resist the temptation to write another entry on the same place :D. I did order something new though, called white chocolate chai... and I definitely recommend it. Yum!

After our sugar stopover, Mochi was to take us to this restaurant in Coorparoo. She was taken there recently and describes it as a 'secret' restaurant. I used to live in the area and I've driven past You's Noodle Place time and time again so... in that regard, it's not so secret.

What she meant was, when you enter, you see the stock standard noodle bar menu in large print and think that's all they have to offer. However,to those 'in the know', if you sit down first and acknowledge the owners in a special way (wink? secret handshake?), they bring out their traditional a la carte menu.

This menu was completely written in Chinese. I can't read Chinese so the ordering was left to the other girls. Mochi said she had this deep-fried intestine the last time she was there and asked for it. The menu only had braised intestine so I found it amusing that she was basically requesting a secret dish on a secret menu.

Chili peanuts

We were given complimentary chili peanuts to nibble on.

Deep-fried intestines and special sauce

The fried intestines came first. I know they sound gross (just as most offal dishes do) but if you can get past the psychological barrier, these are such a treat. They're crunchy but chewy and we all thought the sauce really brought it together, even though I can't put my finger on what was so special about the sauce. I happen to love intestine and have had it in many forms at many different places but this was among the best.

Fish with pickled vegetables

Next came the pickled vegetable fish. It was quite nice with big chunks of fish and an interesting flavor that wasn't too sour. This dish went really well with the rice. The fish was lovely and tender.

Twice cooked pork with veggies

We also ordered twice cooked pork. I thought the veggies were OK but the pork itself was a bit dry and bland. This was my least favorite dish of the lot.

It was interesting to learn that You's extended beyond typical, Westernized noodle-shop meals but also do traditional, home-style Chinese food. I never would have discovered this place if not for Mochi but it was a lovely experience. The staff were so nice and though it was small, the little shop wasn't too busy so we had a great time eating and chatting.
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  1. I knew there was a secret Chinese menu here!!! Everytime I go there everyone looks to be eating awesome, real Chinese dishes and I get sucker-punched with the standard western menu because I was too lazy to learn Chinese when i lived there! Gosh darn it!! That'll teach me...