Thursday, November 25, 2010

Noodle City

Noodle City
359 Ruthven St, Toowoomba

Given that I have the advantage of knowing a local (Byron), it should follow that I get some inside info on where the goods are.

Having said that, Byron didn't exactly exude confidence with his recommendations, preluding everything with 'I haven't been there for years. It might not still be open'.

I nearly walked right past Noodle City. It's a small shop on a main street but I don't know if it was the time we were there but for whatever reason, the street was mostly deserted. Noodle City did have a fair few people inside ordering takeaway though.

We were promised that a) it was nothing like Noodle Box (which I find boring) and b) that it was awesome.

The menu contains a lot of the standard noodle shop offerings. You order and watch them pick out the ingredients and cook the meal in front of you. That's pretty standard for these kinds of shops.

At the end, your food is packed into a little takeaway box. I say packed because they really jam pack the stuff. Honesty when I saw the boxes I thought 'hmm... tiny' but they are WEIGHTY. And none of us (including 2 boys) could finish our boxes.

Hokkien box

I had ordered the Hokkien box which had a combination of meat and veg in a flavorsome sauce with thick egg noodle. The different types of meat were in abundance and I was wondering where all the flavor was until I realized the sauce sinks to the bottom. Stir it up and you'll have no complaints.

Singaporean noodle box

Byron ordered a Singapore noodle box which had a mild curry flavor, a combination of meat and rice noodles. It was nice but we both preferred my one.

Hot box

Hien chose a hot box and he started by saying 'this isn't hot enough to be called a hot box'. His next complaint was that it had 'too much flavor'. I'm not sure I know what that means o.O.

We had plenty of left overs and decided it's possible to share one box between 2, making Noodle City extremely great value. Though the shop was small, the staff were very friendly and the food comes out fresh and quick. A word of warning: those small takeaway boxes are not to be underestimated.


  1. You know the taste of enough flavour? It was different to that, but also not not enough flavour. Yeah...

  2. Re: Hien...

    You are clearly on something. :)