Friday, November 26, 2010

Veggie Breakfast Fry-up

Veggie Breakfast Fry-up
Home Cooking

I haven't done a breakfast post in a while! Part of that is because I've just forgotten about them and also because during exam time, my eating got really erratic and breakfast was often missed.

I know, I know, that's bad, unhealthy, irresponsible, a form of eating sin rarara. The fact is, busy people often miss breakfast or get up so early that they're just not hungry at the time.
Soon as the stressful period was over, I treated myself to my version of a healthy, fulfilling breakfast.

As with any breakfast set meal, the components are entirely interchangeable/optional. To be honest I would have put meat on my plate if I had any but I made to with what was available in the fridge and am happy with the results. It didn't taste 'lacking' in any way. Trust me, coming from a self-professed meat eater, you won't miss the bacon.
I did put an egg on. I like poached eggs. You might prefer without.

I heated up my frying pan with some olive oil and cooked the tomatoes (skin side down first then flipped them once), mushrooms and asparagus at the same time. A sprinkle of salt, black pepper and dried Italian herbs was all I used in terms of seasoning. When veggies were done, I flicked in a tiny knob of butter to make things interesting... it does enhance the flavor and gives everything a glossy coat. But again, you can skip that step.

The toast was done in a toaster and I poached the egg while I was cooking the vegetables. I was going to use the oiled glad wrap trick but I forgot to line a cup with glad wrap when I cracked the egg in it. Instead, I used the boiling water vortex technique and amazingly, it actually worked! My first non-cheating poached egg.

This is my idea of an awesome breakfast. Lots of components, all your food pyramid requirements and so tasty too. It's easy enough to make and I find cooking a proper breakfast sort of therapeutic. I guess when the usual is just to have an instant coffee on the run, taking the time to do it properly feels like your spoiling yourself.


  1. awesome indeed good enough to serve in a cafe :) i just bought a bunch of asparagus can't wait to eat them!

  2. Mochi...
    My tomato is a bit black around the edges though :D. We should do DIY Sunday brunches etc at tba. Wooooooo

  3. Hello there Cora!
    There was no way for me to comment on just your blog so I had to comment in your post!

    Since I've discovered your blog (1 week ago), I have read the entiretity of it!

    Now, I'm on a food-lust to try out all those places you've blogged about. HAHA. It's funny how I've eaten at the same places all the time at sunnybank and never tried most of them places.

    Keep these awesome blogs coming!

  4. Hi Idrhys...

    I've been pretty slack recently... didn't blog much during exams and afterwords,I went into wind down where even turning on the computer was too much effort :D.

    There will be more posts coming this week (lots of eating events planned) so stay tuned.

    I know what you mean about Sunnybank and well, anywhere in Brisbane really (for me, West End would be the same) where you just keep going to your usual 'favorites'. If I didn't have this blog I think I'd be exactly the same! Byron is the worst... he only goes to old 'trusty' places and then orders the same thing each time. And when if I take him somewhere new and it's bad, I get major 'I told you so' guilt-trip hehe.

  5. It's allll good! I know what it feels like towards the end of uni, just graduated last july!

    You should make a Hungry Kittens Facebook page so that I could LIKE it and makes it easier for me to get updated with your new entries!

    Im too FB dependent now! haha!


  6. OoOooooOooo that's possible? I'm going to investigate how to do that now.

  7. Hi again Idrhys...

    I did it! I created a Hungry Kittens Facebook page, all thanks to your suggestion.

    Click here to check it out. I'll put a link to all new posts on the wall so that you're kept up-to-date.