Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez

I hadn't eaten Mexican food for yonks. It's not something I often get the craving for but people have been carrying on about Guzman Y Gomez or more as it's more easily known as, 'that new Mexican place in The Emporium'.

Most recently, I heard a recommendation from my hairdresser. Over my 4hr hair session, she imparted wisdom in so many aspects of life that I found myself highly respecting her food recommendation too. In particular, the barramundi burrito from Guzman Y Gomez. This sounded too intriguing to pass by.

I organized a small cocktail outing with my closest girlfriends and we were to start the night at The Emporium.

My plans failed because I watched Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 in the afternoon (it was awesome, by the way) and ran out of time to get ready/transport myself to the Valley.

Luckily, Mochi hadn't left the house yet so was OK with a delay in our plan and Blossom, who had to get there from the Gold Coast, was also running late. It must be a girl thing. Somehow, we ended up at the restaurant around the same time.

Guzman Y Gomez has an expansive seating area with lots of large tables that encouraged sharing table space with other groups.

Mochi and I shivered in the cold at an outside table before we cleverly decided to move undercover.

There are a range of 'Mexican-themed' beverages available, including frozen margaritas, Coronas and tequila shots (don't think that counts as a beverage).

Frozen margaritas

We tried the frozen margaritas first. My initial impression was 'eek too much tequila' because I hate tequila. After a while, I got used to it and the tangy, slightly savory flavor of the margarita came through. I actually think it's a very nice, refreshing drink! Perhaps more suitable for when the weather warms up. I ended up repeatedly taking off and putting on my coat because I'd get warmed up from the food and then chilled from the drink.

The menu looks complicated at first glance but really, it's a small number of actual items (taco, burrito...) and most of the choice is in the filling.

Saucing station

We ordered and sat back to wait. Which took under 5min. Seriously, waiting in line probably took longer than the food prep. I just had enough time to check out the tobasco-saucing station before my order was delivered.

I got a sample of green tobasco and Mochi dipped her knife in, tasted and pulled a face. This made me curious and I did the same and understood what she meant. It was super sour and super hot. Like spicy pickle sauce. I quite liked it :D. But not on its own.

Beef and vegetarian soft-shell tacos

Mochi chose 2 soft shell tacos - the vegetarian and the beef. She thought the bean part was pretty good. The taco shell (if you can call it 'shell' when it's soft) had a very strong corn flavor that we didn't expect.

Spicy chicken soft-shell tacos

Blossom also ordered 2 tacos. Hers were the spicy chicken flavor. She thought they tasted pretty average.

They both ordered guacamole too and I tasted a bit. Nothing special but it does help break up the meaty cheesiness of the rest of the food.

Barramundi burrito

My barramundi burrito was brought out in a tightly wrapped foil roll. I unravelled it and started picking away. The fish part tasted a bit fishy. I didn't mind it but chicken or beef might've been a better choice.

Inside of buritto

I was surprised there was rice in the burrito (if I read the menu properly, I wouldn't have been surprised) but though I don't like rice, it was nicely seasoned and quite tasty. I asked for the wholemeal wrap and I ended up leaving most of it behind. It wasn't disgusting but I just though the burrito filling tasted better without it.

Overall we weren't too impressed by Guzman Y Gomez. I had very high expectations because of all the raves and I think I was expecting restaurant-quality Mexican when it was really more a fast-food joint. Maybe if I lower my expectations to match the price and speediness of production, I'd consider it to be good for fast food. In truth though, the photos on the website are luscious and vibrant and I don't think the food is that exciting in real life.
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  1. guzman is definitely just fast food... its nothing spesh, although definitely rate it higher than other fast food places!

    were your beans mucousy or was it just mine?? i was very weirded out by my beans

  2. Found this super interesting as I have always wanted to try this place also after hearing similar fanatical reviews but had not yet made it there. But am thinking I will now add it to my list of Mexican places that always seem like a good idea when craving a Southern American feast but no matter how desperate should be avoided to prevent consistently expensive disappointment.

  3. Hi Brisbane Devoured...

    I think it's good if we don't expect gourmet and just compare to say... Nando's. I didn't have beans in my thing. My friend said her beans were good but I didn't try it.

    Hi Carlie...

    Definitely give it a go. It's nice for their margaritas. Better with friends. Not so good if you just focus on the food itself.

  4. I feel the same way as you! I ordered the spicy chicken soft tacos like your friend and I too was extremely disappointed. I must confess, I checked out the nutritional guide on their website prior to going there (trying to drop a few kg's and the soft tacos were the healthiest..) but if I had my way, I would've chosen something else. The beans were... strangely slimy and the whole thing was just... a bland heap of spicy-ness. I also ordered some corn chips with guacamole - the corn chips were quite nice, the guac was something I could make at home but mine is tastier!! Very disappointed to what was widely deemed as the new place to be!

  5. That is a shame, as I love GYG. It is very much 'fast food' I find it much better than most of the slop that is served as 'Mexican' in Brisbane! :)

  6. Hi Anonymous...

    Which others are you referring to?