Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hamptons Home Living

Hamptons Home Living
180 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

Mochi and I went brunching last Sunday as part of my weekend away in Brisbane. I let her pick where to go and we headed off for Hamptons Home Living in Paddington. She did an amazing reverse parallel park... but unfortunately it was in the wrong part of the street. What a waste! We then tried to find where we were actually supposed to go

I'd been to Paddington a few times but this part seemed unfamiliar. The street was lined withb clothing boutiques, design stores and cafes disguised as houses.

Hamptons Home Living looked like a cosy little house out the front and this homey-vibe extended within the building. We sat out the back on the veranda, which had more of a coffee-shop feel because it was full of tables.


We ordered our usual lattes (soy for her) to begin with.

Mochi and I take breakfast quite seriously and so we spent a good while pouring over the menu. Ultimately, she went for the French Toast and I selected one of the daily specials, which was eggs and soldiers.

Eggs and soldiers with chili chutney

I wrote a whole post about eggs and soldiers a while back marvelling about how something so simple (soft boiled egg + toast) could taste so good together. When Hamptons' version was brought out, I got really excited because the presentation was so cute.


The eggs were cooked perfectly and it was fun dunking the sourdough toast into them, plus trying the different salts and chutneys. Despite the novelty of having accompaniments, I think the toast soldiers were perfect with a bit of runny egg and a sprinkling of salt.

Brioche French toast - with blueberry and lime, chantilly cream

Mochi's French toast was a smaller serve than I'm used to seeing at most brunch establishments these days, which is probably a good thing. I tried a bit and thought it had a perfect springy texture and wasn't too sweet/dessert-like.

We chilled at Hamptons for a bit, gossiping about life and shopping and everything good. I think that's exactly what you want from a brunch cafe... comfortable environment, friendly service and simple, well-cooked food. I'd love to go back to try some of their other offerings.
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