Friday, July 8, 2011

Fortune Well

Fortune Well
Shop 42, Sunny Park Plaza, 342 McCullough St, Sunnybank

Last weekend, I got to prove something.

Dad had a sore throat + cough and my whole life, he's been adamant that sore throats must be treated a certain way. That is... nothing too cold, too oily, too spicy or abrasive.

I've always thought that spicy food makes sore throats feel better. But we all know what dads can be like and they think they're Doctor Dad and their opinion is Law.

We were looking for some place to have lunch before I had to coach back to Toowoomba. We wandered to the outside of Sunnypark Plaza and spotted Fortune Well, which is a brand spanking new SzeChuan restaurant.

I was excited about this because SzeChuan was popular in Melbourne but hasn't taken off in Brisbane. It is definitely making an appearance though.

The restaurant was furnished nicely and had fancier menus/servingware than most Sunnybank eateries.

A selection of dishes were ordered.

Cold chili chicken salad

The first dish that came out was cold chili chicken salad. We didn't expect much from this but it was fantastic!! The flavor and textures were perfect. It had peanuts, cucumber and seasoned chicken in this amazing dressing. It was a great way to start the meal and totally raised our standards for what was to come.

Dan Dan noodles

I was really curious about the Dan Dan noodles because I read about them in a food magazine some time ago. They're meant to be simple but delicious street-style food. Unfortunately, these Dan Dan noodles were OK but not amazing. The texture of the noodles were quite good but the soup, unremarkable.

Bamboo and preserved meat stir-fry

The bamboo and preserved meat stir-fry was very disappointing. For one thing, it wasn't preserved meat that was in there... it was plain bacon. Just cooked, rubbery bacon is not my cup of tea at all.

Grilled eel fried rice

Next came the grilled eel fried rice. It didn't look too flash but it was actually very yummy! Not too oily and the rice granules were lovely and separated. The eel wasn't overpowering but lended a subtle flavor that makes for extremely moreish food.

Chili kidney hotpot

Our final dish was the chili kidney. It was shocking in that it was soaked in oil. I tried to pull bits out that weren't drenched. The flavor wasn't... it wasn't there. It tasted like kidney, and according to my dad, overcooked kidney at that.

There was good and bad and meh at Fortune Well. Overall I'm quite impressed since it hasn't been open for a long time and should, theoretically still be finding its feet. Dad huffed his way through the Dan Dan noodles and grudgingly admitted that his throat felt heaps better after. One point to me!


  1. hmm we just had spicy hut last weekend and that was a crazy load of chillies, might need to stay away from chillies, so not sure when i will try this place!

  2. Hi Joe...

    Haha Szechuan style might not be a good idea if you're off chili.

  3. Hi there. We tried this place just the other week. The cold dish (口水雞/chicken) was really good. I'll have my version (pic) on my site soon. Glad to see a few foodies around in Brisbane. Will be sure to check out other places you recommended soon!

  4. Hi Orson...

    Just checked out your blog. Loved the pictures! No comment section?

    Glad you liked the chicken dish too :).

  5. Thanks! There is but you have to click on the title to see the blog post. I tried to do something different so it's basically a blog disguised as a photo gallery I guess!

    Thanks for the comments. I just have to make sure I update it more and not get slack lol.