Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Platform 9 for Brunch

Platform 9

I've been on an eating hiatus over the past week or so, which is good for financial purposes but makes for poor blogging. I dug out a few photos from Platform 9 that I visited nearly a month ago now.

We went for brunch. I call it that but well.. I got lunch and Byron got breakfast so maybe in a way that does make it brunch.

Platform 9 is, as the name suggests, located in an old railway station. The building has a lot of character and when you enter the restaurant, this charm transcends throughout the entire dining space.


We ordered coffee to start. It was really great coffee. Each cup came with a mini slice of biscotti. That was a nice touch.

The menu has very typical cafe classics.

Platform 9 breakfast special

Byron wasn't feeling very hungry or creative so he ordered their breakfast special. It came with a slice of toast, tomato, bacon, 2 poached eggs and a tomato chutney. Although the chutney was Platform 9's own, it wasn't to our liking. The overall plate was satisfactory though.

Crumbed chicken breast with avocado, cheese and mustard cream with salad and chips

I ordered the chicken schnitzel with avocado and cheese. It was pretty good - crunchy, cheesy. Very, very hearty.

Chicken cross-section

It was served with chips and salad. Nothing fancy but a reminiscent of a nice home-cooked meal.

My favorite aspect about Platform 9 was the environment. It's such a gorgeous classic building with lots of wood and high vaulted ceilings. The service was friendly and coffee was good. I'm returning soon to try more of their menu.

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