Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lunch at Sail Restaurant, Hamilton Island

Sail Restaurant
Resort Centre, Catseye Beach, Hamilton Island

On our way to the water sports area, we passed Sail Restaurant a number of times. I thought it looked really inviting with the open dining area overlooking the beach. We ended up eating there twice, both times for lunch. Once was just because we were after somewhere nice to eat and the other time was on our last day, when we really needed to kill time before our flight.

We sat out on the deck and enjoyed the ocean breeze. At Sail, you order and pay first at the counter and drinks are ordered separately from the bar.

I'll just post up everything we ate on both occasions and give a run down of my feedback.

Banana milkshake and lemon lime bitters

I had a huge craving for banana smoothie and asked the bar guy to make me a banana milkshake. Now, banana milkshakes and banana smoothies are totally different things, given that the former doesn't actually contain banana. I watched him pour in the banana flavoring and thought 'hmm' but it ended up being really nice. Sometimes, a bit of fake banana flavor does the trick. Dad just got a LLB.

Fish and chips

On our first visit, mum ordered the battered fish and chips and washed it down with a Corona. In my opinion, this is the most perfect meal to have in that location.

Fish bite shot

The fish was lovely and crispy though a bit dry/unfresh on the inside. The chips were great.

Being a health-conscious loser (trying to make up for the Christmas Day binge from the night before), I ordered the Thai beef salad. It was shocking. There was next to no dressing and the beef tasted just like left-over beef steak without any distinguishable Thai flavoring.

T-bone steak with mushroom sauce and garden salad

Dad's choice was a T-bone steak. I tried a bit. It was pretty good. Decent for a steak but nothing amazing.


The next time we went, I saw that the special of the day was a half kilo of prawns. I've been absolutely obsessed with prawns lately. I couldn't resist. They were large, juicy prawns with a nice sweetness to the flesh. They came with a light cocktail dressing. I terminated these prawns like a machhhinneee.

Grilled chicken caesar salad

Mum was being the health nut on this occasion and ordered a caesar salad with grilled chicken. I had a bit of the chicken and found it to be dry but the rest of the salad was reasonable.

Spaghetti marinara

Dad went with the spaghetti marinara. He found the mussels to be really unfresh and complained that he couldn't detect any white wine flavor in the sauce. I didn't bother trying this one because I was so into my prawns.

Sail Restaurant is another example of what can be expected at a tourist destination. We were just relieved that the food wasn't exorbitantly priced. I don't expect ground-breaking gourmet food, which is good, because we didn't get that. Instead, the food is 'okay' and 'good' at best but what you really soak up is the amazing location. And that is fine by me.

Random shots from Hamilton:

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