Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sydney in January - Breakfast at The Falconer

Breakfast at The Falconer

I woke up at 5am on Sunday and started researching breakfast places. Actually I started looking the night before but was too drunk to get any results so in the mornning, I really got cracking.

I'm the kind of person who tries to tell myself that I can be spontaneous and that it doesn't really matter where we go and that we'll just walk along and pop into wherever looks good. Sure I could do that but there's always this background remorse afterwards that I'm missing out on something better because I'm not a local and I don't know WTF I'm doing.

Research lead me to try The Falconer. My criteria was for a cafe that was reasonably close to our hotel (we had to head straight to the Sydney Harbour Bridge for our climb afterwards so couldn't afford to go out of the way) and that was open on Sunday.

We strolled through the city in a drizzle of rain. Everything looked closed and we literally sighed with relief when we saw the welcome glow of light coming from The Falconer. By the way, Kat asked me on the way "where are we going again?" and I told her "Eagle something". I have the worst memory.

The Falconer is a small but stylish cafe/bar with lots of charm. I loved the booth seating, wooden bar, huge ceiling light installation and deer ornaments.

Latte and hot chocolate

The staff attended to us immediately and I asked for a latte and Kat got a hot chocolate.

The latte was nice, very rich and strong. Kat said her hot chocolate was pretty good too.

Petuna ocean trout - and poached eggs on English muffin with watercress and horseradish cream

For our actual breakfast, I was in crisis mode with indecision about what to get. The muesli sounded so good. But the baked eggs sounded so good. But the smoked trout on English muffin sounded so good. In the end, I asked for the baked eggs but when I was told it'd be a 15min wait on them (they had to be baked after all), I changed to the smoked trout.


There were generous pieces of trout with poached eggs, 2 pieces of English muffin and horseradish cream. It was very simple but delicious. I thought this was a breakfast that perfectly compromised healthy and hearty.

Falconer toasted muesli - with nuts, dried apricots, banana and vanilla bean yoghurt

Kat ordered the muesli. I suspect I had a role in guilting her into this (for my own selfish reason of wanting to try it), under the guise of suggesting a healthy option. I am crazy about muesli and honestly, this muesli was phenomenal. How often can you say that about something like muesli?

Milk to muesli

It was just so, so tasty! The crunchiness, the nuts, the sweetness - so perfect. Kat wasn't as enthusiastic as me so I ended up finishing her bowl. I was in breakfast heaven!

I had a great time at The Falconer. It's the kind of cafe I wish was walking distance from my home and I'd be there all the time for food, coffee and probably late night drinks too. It just had a relaxed, positive vibe and I thought the standard of food and service was A+.
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  1. Good to know that their breakfasts are nice since no one else has blogged about this. Both the things you ordered look great too!