Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Melbourne 4 - Shabu Shabu Lunch at Momo

Momo Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu

Fast forward to the Sunday of our friend's wedding. We were in holiday mood so we probably got out of bed around noon, just in time for lunch. The hotel Marc and I stayed at was just a street away from Chinatown (Little Bourke St) so that's where we headed.

There were restaurants galore but I wanted to make a decision before we became overwhelmed with options. We thought that Japanese sounded good and gravitated towards Momo. Upon studying the menu further, Marc was disappointed that it specialised in hot pot. As an addict of hot pot and all things soupy, I couldn't be more over the moon. Marriage may be about compromise but on this occasion I put my foot down.

Umeshu (plum wine)

Best of all, I spotted a seasonal special of black truffle soup base. Hell yeah! It was settled. That's what we would be ordering.

Momo wasn't too busy when we dined there but I imagine it to be more so the kind of restaurant that kicks off at night. We were seated in a nice quiet nook towards the back of the building where we could much away at everything we ordered without judgement from street passers by.


Along with the soup base, I chose a duo of wagyu beef, an extra serve of mixed mushrooms and some seafood. We were allowed two different soup bases so the other side of our pot was spicy miso.

Our soup pot was brought out first and a waitress displayed slices of black truffle for us before dispensing it into the truffle side of soup. When you pay a premium for a special ingredient it's nice to be able to see it.

Oh, my marbelling!

The rest of the ingredients were set on the table not long after and we wasted no time in dunking it into the boiling soup. The wagyu was phenomenal. It was so tender and excellent quality I felt no reservation in leaving some pieces rare.

Mushroom lover's paradise

I love mixed mushrooms too and here, it really complimented the earthy truffle soup base. I'm not a huge fan of seafood but even the top shell and minced octopus was tasty. The latter was brought out in a bamboo tube and our waitress dolloped the mixture into the soup to cook.

Octopus mince balls

I loved every single aspect of this meal. I slurped up so much soup (didn't want any to go to waste) that I nearly had to use a back up outfit for the wedding. The beef was the best I've tasted in a long time and when cooked in this manner, the pure quality of meat is really allowed to shine. If you think truffle in a shabu shabu soup base sounds gimmicky, I wholeheartedly disagree. It was so delicious I have literally been craving this dish every day since we tried it at Momo.

I would kill for Momo to come to Brisbane with its truffle menu. It's simply the stuff of my dreams. I had such a memorable meal there and our waitstaff were lovely throughout.
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