Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thai Terrace for Dinner

Thai Terrace

I was in a burger mood a couple of weeks ago and Marc suggested we try this burger place we saw that had just opened in Rosalie. When we got there, we realised it had already closed down and after lamenting over how fickle and competitive the hospitality industry is, we settled in for some Thai instead.

Thai Terrace is a restaurant I've walked past numerous times and always found inviting but never actually ventured into before. The external wall has these lit up pink window panels that I really like the look of. It's like... a classy lounge bar setting for Thai food.

When we entered the restaurant, we found it to be quiet with only a couple other tables of diners. There was one waitress on duty and she was more than capable of managing all of us.

The menu has a good variety of Thai style mains, sides and entrees. Curiously, there's also a section of Cantonese dishes. We decided on two mains with coconut rice to share and a starter to line the stomach.

Golden cups

I wasn't too enthused about the usual starters like spring rolls etc so we opted for the most unique-sounding item on the menu, the golden cups. These were canapé sized, easy to eat and very tasty. The filling was a savoury, sweet mince and the shell gave it a nice waffly crunch.

Red duck curry

The duck red curry had lots of succulent duck pieces. I liked the balance of the sauce and found it to be a good amount of spice. We ordered some coconut rice to go with the curry and together, it was slurpingly delicious

Spicy Thai lamb

Marc chose the lamb dish because it had four chilies on the menu. This was a bit spicier than the curry but not what we'd consider very spicy. I think people who are chili fanatics would need to specify 'genuine Thai hot' when they order.

Thai Terrace offered well-portioned, tasty Thai dishes in a pleasant environment. Service was very much on the ball and we were able to relax with some beer and wine.
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