Thursday, April 7, 2016

Melbourne 6 - Dessert at Spring Street Grocer

Spring Street Grocer

After our meal at Warra Warra, I found myself craving ice-cream. This might have something to do with the in depth dinner conversation we had about the quality of gelato in Brisbane versus Melbourne. Obviously my Melbourne buddies were adamant that what we considered good gelato in Brisbane was ass water compared to what they had on offer. I got a bit offended at first but the promise of top quality gelato lured me into wanting to try a place they suggested. We headed for a night time stroll through the city and ended up on Spring Street.

As the name suggests, Spring Street Grocer is a gourmet grocery store complete with its own veggie section and cheese room. I had a quick look around but my main focus was on the gelataria, which was outside at the front of the store. Apparently one of the 'disadvantages' of getting ice-cream here was lack of choice in flavours but because I'm very simple with what flavours I like to taste, this wasn't a problem for me at all.

I ordered two flavours in a cup and tried pistachio and fior di datte. It was, in a word: heavenly. I had to concede this was much better in terms of texture and flavour than anything I could get in Brisbane by a fairly long shot. I was reminded of the very best gelato we tasted in Italy.

In the match up for Brisbane versus Melbourne, we have definitely lost on the gelato category. The pistachio gelato I tasted from Spring Street Grocer was one of the nicest things I put in my mouth this whole year. Now, that isn't fair. Why can't we get something on par in our city?
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