Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back on the Baking Bandwagon

After a brief spell of retirement from cooking, I think I've just caught the bug again. That is, the Baking Bug. For me, cooking isn't actually a survival necessity (I have my parents, food outlets and at worst, canned soup for sustenance) so it really only works when I'm REALLY IN THE MOOD. Like painting and whatnot. You just can't force the creative juices.

Luckily, it is Time to don the apron again, figuratively speaking (I never actually wear an apron, the result of which is many embarrassing stains on otherwise nice items of clothing).

I have to say... I'm pretty enthused. As in... I'm dreaming about food. And I'm researching recipes. And when I find something good, I copy it down into my diary (the one that's meant to be for homework).

Random thoughts:
  • I use brackets a lot
  • Sometimes, I write up posts on notepad and copy and paste them onto Blogger... I then get a real sense of satisfaction seeing all my spelling errors pop up
  • I might have trouble sleeping tonight because I'm so psyched up about baking. OR that could be because I've had a few drinks and have the post-alcohol munchies
  • Also, I've been reading Life of Pi which is about an Indian boy who gets stranded on a lifeboat with some animals and he becomes really hungry and is eating all this raw fish... really makes me appreciate proper, cooked food
  • Steamed soy milk should NOT cost the same as coffee + the soy milk surcharge. I mean come on, there's no coffee in it! Or effort!

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