Saturday, September 26, 2009

3 Courses (sorta) at the City Markets

Jan Power's Farmer's Market revisited for MORE GOODNESS
Dining Out

I'm hoping it's not too soon for another market thread but given that I didn't actually go into detail re: specific stall recs, I think I'm safe?

There are occasions, as we probably all have experienced, where I wander around not knowing what I feel like eating and then, having settled for something out of convenience, I see something and think 'ARGH. That is SO what I wanted'.

This happened a few times with me about the Jan Powers Farmer's Market in Brisbane City (Brisbane Square, George St)... after clinic, I grab some food and THEN remember that the markets are on and that I've missed out on getting something from there instead.

One time a couple of weeks back, I was fortunate enough to be reminded of the markets in time for dinner so I had a ball going through and picking out things that looked good.

Ended up having myself a bit of a 3-courser though two of the items are sweet (being the sweet tooth that I am, I couldn't resist) so you decide which is 'entree'.

Having been to the markets a few times now, I notice that you have the regular stalls but there's a bit of alternation going on too. Not sure if it's because I just didn't see it before but on this day, I spotted for the first time a French bakery stall with piles of pastries, croissants (along with prevalence, it's one of those words I can never spell right) and breads.

Chocolate croissant

A well-made chocolate croissant is not something to be underestimated. I didn't even think twice about lining up and trying one. They were quite cheap - huge puffy croissant for $4. It was warm when I got it... very exciting.

Chocolate croissant interior

Verdict is: this is a bloody awesome croissant. Butter pastry flakes that are light and delicate with a warm, chocolatey interior. So good. I'm dying right now just typing about it.

After that, I was on a life high and also felt like something savory. Investigated for a bit (so much to chose from!) and settled for an organic beef sausage sizzle. There might be a stigma associated with sausage sizzles being a lazy way of raising money etc but I don't think it can be denied that they taste good?

Organic beef sausage sizzle

Quite the tasty

The beef sausage is full-flavored and very juicy (slash fatty/oily so be careful if you're watching your weight), served in some wholegrain bread with grilled onions and your choice of sauce. Greasy, yes but so satisfying all the same.

I was probably full at this point and should have headed home but sometimes you can be really convincing to yourself. I figured, if I'm onto such a good thing, why stop? Plus, I was back in the mood for something sweet and I did spot an ice-cream stall...

I chose 2 flavors in a cup (pistachio and Tobelerone). Pistachio is one of my favorite ice-cream flavors so I've had enough to pass judgement. This was one of the more 'artificial' tasting ones. The Tobelerone didn't taste like Tobelerone but just generally chocolatey and pretty good.

Pistachio and Tobelerone

Flavor criticism aside, I have to say that the texture of this ice-cream is amongst the best I've ever had. It's like when you get thick, non-fat-reduced Greek yogurt and compare that to Ski Light. This ice-cream was just beyond creamy - in a very, very good way. The plus is that they also claim to have less fat content than regular ice-cream. Any excuse will do, right? :D

The markets are really great for having a quick, tasty meal, any time of the day (as long as it's Wednesday). If you're sick of the conventional CBD dining options, this really expands your choices. You can take my recommendations on board but even if not, there are plenty of others to try.

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  1. Okay, I seem to be on a commenting spree here! But I had to say that today is Wednesday and I strolled through the markets this morning as they were setting up and will be heading back for lunch time craziness!
    My favourite places are the Peanut place, Dello Mano brownies and the.. cake lady? (I can't remember the name of her stall, but she makes the most amazing cakes and slices - to DIE for!)
    Hooray for markets!