Thursday, September 10, 2009

Studying in Spring

I've been holed up at home for a couple of days trying to get some study done for the mid-semesters. Just about everything around me makes me want to do something else. ANYTHING ELSE. This (blogging), is just one example.

To help focus my concentration, I've blu-tacked 'study lists' for each of my subjects on the wall. I got this idea from a friend of mine who used to write lists on his wall so he'd wake up and get reminded to study. This works in theory but really... you grow to just ignore them. Can't say I'm not trying though.

Outside, the weather's fabulous. Not too hot or cold. We should enjoy this while it lasts; Brisbanians know that we get a depressingly short period of 'perfect' weather before it becomes sticky and steaming.

On a side note...

I was leafing through Australian Gourmet Traveller (September 09) and spotted an article with short quotes/tips from top chefs around Australia. When I saw THIS ONE, I stared...

The reason being, as you may or may not know, I daydream about being an amazing chef (pastry chef for preference) and opening my own restaurant or cafe... but I'm currently studying dentistry.

Funny, hey?


  1. lol.. what does being a dentist have anything to do with holding good dinner parties?! Although I admit my mum's pretty good at cooking too.. (she's a dentist..)

  2. Bonnie - haha I can't figure the connection out either! In all likelihood, David Coomer is being sarcastic... or, he's got unrealized dreams of drilling teeth. We'll never know :p