Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little Singapore in the City

Little Singapore

Little Singapore is the first of those super successful Sunnybank eateries (incl Little Hong Kong, Malaya Corner, Vietnam Corner and Sunnybank Oriental) that has transposed into the CBD. Perhaps it's a bit odd but I haven't ever been to the Sunnybank location but I've tried Little Singapore in the city twice.

Last night, I went with a group of girlfriends, 2 of whom live in the city so being in their neck of the woods, I trust all recs.

Having been insomniac for the couple of weeks (exam stress + general state of anxiety about life = zombie-ing around on zero sleep), I've pretty much lost my appetite.

Explains the lack of posts recently.

BUT, I've gotten wonderful EXPERT reviews of the food from my girls so this post will be SUPER informative and awesome.

Little Singapore is located on Charlotte St, which late-night eaters might know better as 'the street with Pancake Manor on it'. I remember the first time I went there (this was ages ago by the way), there was some ridiculous police barricade that coincidentally blocked off all access to Little Singapore, minus ONE path that happened to be an excruciatingly long path.

Last night, there was no such atrocity so we made it in there all good and easy.

The menu is quite extensive... in that there are a lot to chose from, though I found myself constantly checking the back of the menu to see if there was more. Not really because I wanted more to chose from; maybe I just like double-sided menus. Multiple pages are better. This applies more to casual eateries than say, fine dining but there's just something interactive about being able to flip pages to see MORE.

We ordered a dish each to try.

Wonton noodle soup minus the noodles and with extra wontons

I heard great things about the wontons so that was the first thing I sampled. They're different to what we make at home but really fat, juicy and filled with chunky bits of prawn. So much better than the super-processed, package variety that's basically mush in a wonton wrapper.

Beef and tomato rice

The beef and tomato rice was really homely and tasty. Great flavors and a generous serving of meat and veg. For those who haven't tried anything like this before, you'll be surprised at how complimentary a tart/tangy fruit like tomato is with beef. And it's one of those dishes (like curry) that are made to be eaten with rice so don't forget to stir it up.

Ipoh chicken noodle soup

I ordered the Ipoh chicken noodle soup. No idea what Ipoh chicken means but after doing a quick Google search, I think it's a region? The chicken is quite plain, like what you get in Hainan chicken rice. The soup base is ordinary but I liked how they used pho noodles (the flat, rice noodles).

Seafood stir-fried noodles

The seafood stir-fried noodles looked really yum. The dish comprised of a bed of crispy fried noodles topped with various seafood/veggies and soaked in sauce. Huge serving too. These guys pile it up, no joking around.

The service was pretty good... and food comes out quite quickly too. Or maybe time passes quicker when you're in a group and chatting. Either way, Little Singapore is a great spot for some quick, inexpensive Asian food in the city. The environment's a bit nicer than your standard cafeteria-style eatery too, which is a bonus.

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  1. you should give the butter herbed chicken and dry curry noodles a go.
    but for really good and authetic hor fun....stir fried rice noodles and Mee Goreng...malaysian fried noodle.
    you gotta go to Jun's at Wishart plaza, Upper Mt Gravett

    the ones there are really really good