Friday, September 18, 2009

Chocolate Soldier

Chocolate Soldier
275 George St, Brisbane CBD

It's always exciting when new things pop up in Brisbane. My friend told me about Chocolate Soldier and my ears pricked up because, well chocolate anything already sounds promising. When we went, she was going through a brownie phase and ordered a blueberry brownie. From memory, it tasted pretty good but I know one sample isn't enough for me.

Soon , I went back to investigate further. (For the sake of knowledge, obviously).

In fact, I have been a total of 3 times. On each occasion, I stop by to get an item or 2. I've finally eaten enough from Chocolate Soldier to be able to give an adequate review.

Usually, I walk past in the mornings and order something take-away. To get into Chocolate Soldier, you brave these huge revolving doors. I'm not a fan of revolving doors.

The cafe is located in the foyer of a large office building. There are a few indoor tables and some on the outside too. Chocolate Soldier offers a selection of breads, cakes, pastries and drinks. They offer savory items at lunch too. And of course, chocolate.

The mornings tend to be quite busy. The staff are energetic and robust. I haven't really had issues with the service but on 2 occasions, I sat down without any cutlery and no one offered to bring me some. Once, I had gotten take-away (they just assumed I wanted take-away because I didn't specify, even though I had actually wanted to eat there). Another time, I was actually eating there so I thought it was weird that they brought out a plate of banana bread without any cutlery.


The coffee is quite good. Strong and consistent. They offer Campos coffee.

Buttered raisin toast

When I ordered the raisin toast, I thought it was a bit costly but you actually get 2 slices. I had them buttered and at first, the salted butter seemed like a nice contrast but then, it got distracting.

Toasted banana bread

The banana bread is lovely - it's different to the one from Bar Merlo.

Banana bread texture shot

This one is much denser and moist. More like the type I make at home. It's quite a hefty slice too. I really liked it but couldn't finish it.

Pistachio and lemon syrup cake

Chocolate Soldier also has lots of gorgeous little cakes. I tried the pistachio lemon cake. It was cheaper than I expected but tasted great!

Sticky, gooey goodness

The cake was sticky and moist (soaked in syrup) with a strong lemon flavor. The pistachio and zest on top not only looked great but complimented the cake perfectly.

I would love to try a few more of their desserts... I spotted an individual carrot cake on display there. It was about the size of a cupcake. Would've been perfect for a mid-day treat.

Maybe next time...

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