Monday, September 7, 2009

Bar Merlo for Breakfast

Bar Merlo
329 George St

Sometimes, uni starts unforgivably early. I realize that there are people out there who have to get up at 5 or 6am (or even earlier) everyday and don't mind it but I am REALLY not a morning person.

To avoid walking to the bus stop, I usually hitch a ride with my dad who is one of those people mentioned above had leaves the house at 6:30am daily. Although this saves me a trip, I tend to arrive in the city a bit earlier than I have to. There's not many ways you can kill time in the mornings but a particularly enjoyable activity is having a good breakfast to wake me up.

I was on my way to Chocolate Soldier when I passed Bar Merlo. I'd never noticed this cafe before but it was buzzing with people and looked bright, open and inviting. I had a peak inside and there were loads of paninis, muffins, slices and things that in the window that looked super appealing.

On that occasion, I ordered a cappuccino and breakfast panini. I had noticed their gorgeous banana bread which is much thicker than other cafes... and mentally made a note to go back later. Well, 'later' was today. I had breakfast at Bar Merlo again and did order the banana bread.

Toasted banana bread

It was SO GOOD. It came toasted, dusted in icing sugar with some butter on the side. I don't think it needed the butter to be honest. The slice of banana bread itself is soft, flavorsome and cake-like without being that sweet or cloying.

Close-up of banana bread

I always thought I had a preference for heavy, dense and moist loaves but this one was light and slightly crumbly. I loved it.

Breakfast panini

The breakfast panini I had the other time was pretty good value for money. It's simple, came quickly and was a nice way to start the day. The panini is filled with ham, cheese and a tasty tomato paste.

Flat white

I've had coffee there twice. The cappuccino didn't really leave an impression me as being particularly good or bad. The flat white I had this morning wasn't very nice. There's not a lot of coffee that I find bad but I couldn't be bothered to finish it. The taste just seemed off and it came out lukewarm.

Service at Bar Merlo is nice, fast but a bit hectic in those early mornings. They don't give you an order number or anything so it's a wonder how anything gets to your table at all! The dining area is spread out with a foyer area, side area and huge outdoor area too.

I quite like this cafe. Sometimes, you don't need a reason - you just feel relaxed when you walk in. This is one of those places for me... and they make killer banana bread.

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