Friday, September 11, 2009

BarBoo Gelato

BarBoo Gelato
Koisk 1, Market Square Shopping Centre, Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St, Sunnybank

I was snooping around the photos on my computer and found a few places that were meant to be blogged many, many months ago. Fingers crossed that these reviews won't be TOO out of date.

BarBoo is a gelato bar in Market Square, Sunnybank. As far as I know, it opens from the afternoon into the wee hours of the night (i.e. at least mid-nightish).

Possibly black sesame and green tea

The flavors on offer change quite a bit. You can usually find popular chocolate brand flavors like Fererro Rocher and Tim Tam, plus some Asian flavors like green tea, black sesame or, (my favorite) taro.

Aside from ice-cream in a cup or cone, BarBoo also does crepes (sweet and savory), sundaes, shakes and more.

There are a few covered, outdoor tables for you to sit at if you like to enjoy your ice-cream slowly.

My guess here is taro and pistachio (usual picks for me)

The gelato is of pretty good standards - nice flavors, smooth and not too sweet.


  1. The yoghurt flavour is what keeps me coming back. I've only ever found a better tasting gelato in Venice... and even then it only just beat Bar Boo!

  2. Their green tea gelato is quite good but the double choc and durian is to die for (That is if you like durian - it's the best durian flavoured food including a real durian fruit I had in brisbane. Definitely must try!!!! :)

  3. It closes at around 10pm weekdays and 11 at the latest on weekends I think. My sister used to work there. The owner is a complete bitch and is cheating the tax system by paying everyone (yes, even if you're 25 years old)$10/hr cash.

  4. the gelati there is AMAZING!!!!

    1. I totally agree with it!!!