Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Newway Karaoke Restaurant

Newway Karaoke Restaurant
Shop 30/358 Main Rd, Sunnybank

My parents and I used to have a routine. On the weekend, we'd go to a nice home-style Chinese restaurant and over-order so there was enough take away food to last at least 1/2 the week. This means I've been to ALOT of Chinese restaurants. The criteria that we went by was:
  • Authentic Eastern Chinese flavors (we're from Shanghai, which has a different style of cuisine to Hong Kong or Taiwan)
  • Reasonable prices
  • Low to no MSG
  • Good variety to chose from
Out of the many places that we tried, my dad has a resounding favorite: Newway. Nowadays, whenever we're unsure of where to go for lunch, he'll suggest it as a back-up plan.

We like Newway because it's relatively cheap, never really busy (i.e. our food comes out quickly and service is attentive) and has served us consistently good dishes time after time.

I've been to Newway on many occasions. They make awesome fried rice. I also love the 'Western-style' baked rice dishes, loaded with cream and cheese. They have a lot of daily specials, really cheap mud crab (when in Season) and a banquet set-menu thing that my parents like to order from.

On my most recent visit to Newway, dad declared that he was in the mood for lamb. We shared a lamb hotpot and also ordered several other dishes to take home.

Lamb hotpot

The lamb hotpot came out on an individual gas stove. The pot itself was huge and absolutely loaded with stuff - huge chunks of lamb, shitake mushrooms, tofu pieces (and variants of tofu) etc.

Hotpot bubbling away

The soup base has a sort of herby soy flavor - it's a bit like Singapore bone tea (if anyone's tried that). There is enough substance in the pot to serve 3 people and is great for sharing on a cold Winter's day. Mum doesn't eat lamb but she thought the soup was quite nice.

Fermented bean curd dipping sauce

My own bowl with lamb chunks

This hotpot also came with raw lettuce that you can add if you want and some fermented tofu dipping sauce.

HK-style milk tea

Whilst dad and I shared the hotpot, mum had ordered a chicken and rice set meal for herself. It came with a drink so I chose a Cantonese-style milk tea. The tea was pretty good - very strong.

Chicken braised with shallots on rice

The pieces of chicken were bony but had nice flavors. I ended up taking some home and using them in a stir-fry.

Crispy fish

We had also ordered a crispy fish dish. It was really yummy - big pieces of tender fish coated in batter and served in a light broth.

Cucumber and pork stir-fry

Another dish that we chose was a bit 'healthier': stir-fried cucumber, carrot and pork. It was a bit boring compared to the other choices but we all needed something we vegetables. Can't survive on meat alone (though I'd like to try).

Once again, Newway delivered what we wanted: good home-style food, served quickly and very affordable. It's become a regular hangout for my family and will continue to be.

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  1. a friend of mine had her 21st there - seafood banquet. most amazing asian-style sesafood i've had!