Sunday, February 13, 2011

Angelo's House

Angelo's House

I'm starting to take on recommendations for local restaurants. One of my dental assistants told me she had a lovely lunch at Angelo's House once. I was sold on the fact that it's an Italian restaurant and I always get excited about having Italian out (even though, let's be honest, it's often a disappointment).

We drove around in circles before we finally found then place... then we promptly drove past the car park. This is not because Angelo's House is at all difficult to find. It's because I have an annoying habit of not wanting to use my GPS until absolutely necessary. Instinct driving is great... until you realize you're WAY OFF.

The restaurant is set in a large house with tables outside, inside and on the veranda. I wanted a table on the veranda but was told that there was a special function there today. We were seated inside instead.

View from the window by my seat

After trawling through the menu, we found an awesome 2-course lunch deal and decided to go with that. You choose 2 courses (either entree and main or main and dessert) and select from a short list of options.

Pistacho nut risotto - nuts, sundried tomato, red onion jam, garden herbs, cracked pepper and parmesan cheese

I went for the pistachio risotto as an entree. It had an unusual bitter flavor that I think is from the cheese. Pistachio in risotto sounded interesting to me when I read it but now I'm not so sure that it's a good idea.

Camembert Francesca - golden crumbed Queensland camembert and cumberland orange glaze

Hien chose the deep fried camembert. It's difficult for crunchy fried cheese to taste bad. I thought they were novel and good but would have preferred a fruit paste rather than the jam that it came with, which was too sweet to compliment well.

Grilled fillet of fish - with lemon cream sauce, served on potato galette with vegetable medley

My main was the fish of the day. It was a plain fillet, grilled and drenched in a creamy cheese sauce. I ordered it because I thought "fish = healthy" but though the cheese sauce was moreish and necessary in an otherwise boring dish, I doubt it did my diet any good. The fish was unimpressive but I only blame myself because when you order fish at an Italian restaurant rather than one of their signature pasta dishes, you have it coming.

Pasta Leonardo - sauteed mushrooms, bacon, onion, garlic, Napoli sauce with a dash of cream, tossed through homemade short pasta and sprinkled with parmesan

Hien did the right thing and ordered a pasta dish. I was 'allowed' to have a taste. I thought it was great! Excellent flavor + lots of content in the sauce (without being too messy) and a good texture of pasta. No need to say that I was very jealous.

The best thing about Angelo's House was the main guy on the floor - possibly the owner? I like to think of him as Angelo. He was super friendly and really made the meal experience comfortable and joyous, rather than just another food joint. Hien's food choices were good; I don't feel like I made the best decisions that day but I'm willing to go back and amend that.
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