Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mill Street Tavern

Mill Street Tavern
142 Campbell Street, Toowoomba

I've probably mentioned in previous posts but I don't often get the luxury of having a 'proper' Friday evening. By that I mean: inclusive of the whole 'YAY FINISHED FOR ANOTHER WEEK LET'S GO NUTS AND UNWIND AND NOT WORRY ABOUT THE NEXT MORNING' sense of relief. The reason for that is I work most Saturday mornings and have been doing so since... well, since highschool basically.

And that's not going to stop me from having some fun.

Last Friday, I went out in town with a workmate. She knew I had a food blog and suggested some fancy restaurants but in the end we went where our mood took us: a pub down the road.

I love pubs and I love pub food.

The Mill Street Tavern is your regular run of the mill (lol, pun) pub with the bar at the front, a seated dining area behind that and pokies machines out the back.

We ordered drinks and food at the bar and were given a table number.

Club steak - with chips, garden salad and mushroom sauce

I chose the their special T Bone steak (only $10!) and got a shock when it arrived - it was huge! I asked for medium rare and it wasn't overcooked, which is good. Look, it's everything you'd expect from a pub - the steak was fine, the salad was a boring garden salad, the mushroom sauce tasted packet-made but I don't mind that in a quick, cheap meal. My only issue is that the chips were undercooked and not crunchy enough. Taverns should have chip-frying down to a fine art!!

Chicken shnitzel with chips and garden salad

My friend ordered the chicken schnitzel. She said it was crunchy, which is good, but we couldn't decide if it was real chicken breast or the processed chicken meat you get in chicken patties. She said it tasted like a giant chicken nugget. That sounds kinda good to me (maybe I'm just a naughty, junk food-loving child on the inside).

I thought Mill Street Tavern was a friendly local pub and not a bad place to go for a cheap, decent meal. The service was pleasant too and the atmosphere not at all dark or creepy.
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