Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spoon Deli Cafe @ Festival Towers

Spoon Deli Cafe @ Festival Towers

A bit of an interesting night last Friday. It was very representative of letting our hair down and going crazy at the end of a week of toiling about at work. We started off with food and drink at West End, migrated to Southbank for more drinks and ended up in Brisbane city. No one had any intention of going home so we found a hotel that allowed check in at 2am in the morning (it wasn't easy, mind you), went out some more and crashed in our room at the end of it all.

Come morning, the first thing on our minds was breakfast (second was 'it is too bloody hot'). We figured that on the way from the hotel to the car, there would be at least one good place to eat. Spoon was the first we passed that looked decent so we stopped in.

There were many delicious-sounding menu options and I found myself unable to decide what to order. When in doubt, choose something you won't regret... so I opted for fruit and yogurt. Byron chose the smoking breakfast and Hien ordered the morning after meal and a mocha.


I tried a bit of the mocha. It had a lovely foaminess to it but wasn't as rich as some others I've tried.

My fruit bowl was much bigger than I expected. It had a great variety of fruits... a bit tropical in theme. What was most fantastic though was the yogurt. Surely something that tastes so good can't be good for you? It was like the lovechild of thickened sweet cream and chunky Greek yogurt. With a bit of cottage cream texture. REALLY good, especially with the drizzle of honey and fruit. I thought I was going to be jealous of the boys' savory meals but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course I forgot to take a photo because my brain cells were too busy concentrating on eating.

Spoon Smoky Breakfast - cheesy eggs, grilled tomato, chorizo, grilled mushroom and bagel

Byron wants the world to know that while his smoky breakfast was 'good', he thinks it's very misleading to have something titled smoky breakfast when it doesn't include bacon. It did have chorizo which I thought was good, Hien thought was 'too flavorsome' and Byron thought didn't match the rest of the plate. I kind of agree there. The mushrooms were nice.

Spoon Morning After - scrambled eggs, bacon, sliced roast beef, grilled tomato, grilled mushrooms and thick toast

Hien's breakfast was huge. I was fascinated by the scrambled eggs. They looked nothing any eggs I've ever had but at the same time like what I imagine perfect scrambled eggs to look like. They were creamy, soft and light - very tasty. I also liked the rosemary roast potatoes though Byron thought they were an unsuitable breakfast item.

Spoon was a reasonable cafe for breakfast. They had an extensive menu, which is great. The service was slow but it was a very busy Sunday morning. I thought the food was better than average cafe standards but not as memorable as some of the boutique/gourmet cafes around town.
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