Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pho Hung Vietnamese Cuisine

Pho Hung Vietnamese Cuisine
Market Square, cnr Mains Rd and McCullough St, Sunnybank

I remember eating here a couple of times but the most recent, something had changed. I think they've renovated the place and updated their menu. The menu looks good! What got me excited was a section with Vietnamese-style dishes for sharing. Most Vietnamese restaurants have rice, noodle or salad dishes that are individual serves.

Having said that I didn't actually try the shared dishes. We got together for a casual lunch last weekend and Market Square is such an easy 'go to' option.

Pho Hung located on a side arm of Market Square. It's small but doesn't feel too cramped.

Pork and prawn rice paper rolls

We got some pork and prawn rice paper rolls to start with. They were nice and full and the ingredients were fresh. Mark said he's allergic to prawns but he had one anyway. I guess it's worth it :).

Iced coffee

I ordered an iced coffee as a drink. I was hoping for my idea of Vietnamese iced coffee, which is sweetened with condensed milk. This one was odd... it was like a shaved ice coffee drink. Not 100% what I was after but refreshing all the same.

Tricolor dessert

Mark originally wanted some coconut drink but they didn't have it so he went for a tricolor dessert drink instead.

Beef pho

For mains, the boys got pho. Mark went for a plain beef pho.

Combination beef pho

Hien chose the combination pho. You can get different sizes and they went for medium, which seemed huge to me.

Rice noodle soup

I ordered a rice noodle soup that had shredded chicken, shredded omelet and strips of something that ressembleed fish cake. It didn't come in different sizes but it was even huger than the pho bowls. I thought it was nice and interesting - filling without being heavy. That's the best thing about Vietnamese food.

I like what Pho Hung's done with its menu. The food we had wasn't much different or stand out from any other Vietnamese eatery but it was fresh, served fast and very, very cheap. I'd be keen to go back and try some variety.

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