Monday, June 27, 2011

Melbourne June 2011 - Yum Cha at Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat Chinese Restaurant
203 Little Bourke St, Melbourne

Lunchtime on Sunday was a bit annoying for me because I didn't actually 'plan' it (i.e book anything) but I had sorta... planned it, with an idea of where I wanted to go.

My intentions were for either Cumulus Inc or Hardware Societe but after dinner at Grossi Florentino the night before, and crepes in the morning, we were put off the idea of an overly 'involved' lunch. Something light and casual seemed much more appealing than sitting down to a menu.

DeGraves and Center Place were on the cards but nearly every restaurant/cafe was packed so we found ourselves back in Chinatown. This is very much like what we do in Brisbane actually... plan to go to lots of different and new places but end up at old favorites in Sunnybank.

We noticed Dragon Boat and got sucked in by the printed dragon on the window. There we go, I said it. I'm susceptible to marketing tactics.

Dragon Boat has an upstairs and downstairs seating area and it looked pretty full to me.

Too late, we realized it was yum cha time. I didn't spot any trolleys circulating around and asked to waitress 'how do we order?' thinking maybe things were different in Melbourne. She looked at me like I was crazy and indicated a trolley off in the distance.

We waited and eventually it was proven that they weren't lying to us because a yum cha trolley did stroll over to our table.

A selection of mini steamers were chosen and so we began.

Braised tendons

Pork meatballs

Prawn dumplings

Fried prawn wonton

Inside of fried wonton

Overall, the food was OK but nothing special. It did taste fresh though, which is a good thing. There wasn't enough variety/new things to excite me.

Byron and I have had terrible luck with yum cha and I think we know why. We're both the type who inhales our food and can't really nibble and pick bits and eat slowly. The only thing that helps me in fine dining situations is the fact that the courses are spread out so I can't eat everything in one go even if I tried.

With yum cha, it's all about self control and we have none. So the pattern is we tend to grab whatever looks appealing on the first trolley that we see and if anything better comes along, too late we're already full and ready to move on.

I didn't mind the service at Dragon Boat. Compared to the heinous service we get in Sunnybank where we have to jump up and down just to get extra sauce, it was refreshing to have our teapot topped up without requesting it.
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