Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant

Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant
Shop 14, 17 Barrett St, Robertson

Mum and dad discovered that a new Shanghainese restaurant had openned up near the QEII hospital. There actually was one there many years ago, which we visited a number of times before it closed down. I hear from mum that the same owners are behind this new one but who knows.

As with most of 'these types' of restaurants, there's not much in the way of ambiance. It's got very basic fittings, nothing flash.

What's more important though is that the menu is big with lots of yummy-sounding dishes. We chose a few to pick and share.

Chicken and corn soup

I originally just wanted a chicken and corn soup. It came in 'small' or 'large' and we chose small. When it was brought out, mum had to clarify that it was the small serve because it was a huge bowl. Enough for a serve each plus extra for me. I thought this was a nice chicken and corn soup but mum was of the opinion that it was too sweet.

Eggplant and mince

Eggplant and mince is one of my staple orders. I love the stuff and though it's very pedestrian in China, I've had some poor examples in the past. To be acceptable, the eggplant has got to be mushy. This eggplant was indeed mushy. It wasn't as oily as the one at Soman, which is good, but on the downside, the flavor wasn't elaborate either. Not bad though.

Pork wontons

Whenever I have wontons out, it doesn't really satisfy me because I'm so used to my own family's wontons. These one's were surprisingly close to the type we have at home. I'm guessing because they're Shanghainese-style? We were happy with the flavor.

Red-cooked pork thigh

We also ordered red-cooked 'ti pang', which I just Googled and is supposed to be 'upper thigh of the pig'. It was too much for us to finish in that meal but I tried a bit and we had the rest later. It is supposed to be tender, gelatinous and a good flavor blend of sweet, salty and 5-spice. I think it ticked those boxes and the flavor had successfully penetrated into the meat, which isn't easy considering how volumous the cut is.

The food at Shanghai Cuisine Restaurant fit our taste criteria for authentic Shanghainese food. It was more 'homely' than gourmet or amazing but that's what we wanted. Accordingly, the restaurant fittings and service weren't anything to write home about but it is a restaurant we'd be happy to go back to when not in the mood to cook at home.

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  1. great find!!! this has been added to my list...that pork is to die for