Monday, June 27, 2011

Melbourne June 2011 - Breakfast at Harajuku Crepes

Harajuku Crepes
L1 Shop 148 Knox Place, Melbourne

Because I stuffed up the hotel booking, we weren't staying as tucked into Melbourne CBD as I would have liked. The result is, we did a lot of walking. Every time we walked past the train station, this amazing aroma of cream and pancakes drifted out.

It put Byron to mind of churros so we ended up getting some from San Churro (already blogged this so didn't bother to do it again). They were good but they weren't IT.

We finally decided to peak into the alleyway and spotted a crepe store. We were full at the time but bookmarked the place for breakfast the next day.

I literally had trouble sleeping because I had crepes on my mind. Yup, I'm nuts.

Morning finally came and because we were on holidays, it easily turned into noon. I was super hyped up for crepes by then but it became more of a prelude to lunch than actual breakfast.

Harajuku crepes is a tiny little shop with very attractive plastic crepes on display. Everytime we walked past in the afternoon/night, it was packed. Morning seems to be a bit quieter.

Strawberry crepe

Byron ordered a strawberry crepe with cream and ice-cream. I chose nutella and almonds. I was a bit jealous of him because I wanted ice-cream on mine but after trying both, I decided that crepes go better without ice-cream because the hot/cold combination creates lukewarm.

Nutella and almond crepe

My nutella and almond crepe was amazing! It looks boring and simple but looks are deceiving.

Inside of nutella and almond crepe

The crepe is wonderfully thin and crispy and the nutella was warm and oozy. That coupled with crunchy almond flakes was perfecto.

I wanted to grab crepes again before we left but there just wasn't enough stomach room. What was also great is the girl made my crepe in about 30 seconds flat. Amazing.

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