Monday, September 22, 2014

Gold Coast Fling 1 - Lunch at No Name Lane

No Name Lane
Elizabeth Avenue, Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved staying at hotels. There's something about the thrill of checking into an unfamiliar location, unlocking your temporary home for the first time and then heading out to explore the new neighbourhood. I just love it!

Last weekend, there was a dental conference at the Gold Coast so I arranged a mini holiday at Broadbeach. Hungry Kittens isn't meant to be an accommodation blog so I won't carry on too much about where we stayed, but suffice to say I highly recommend Meriton on Broadbeach. Our apartment was clean, spacious and modern with gorgeous views from both sides. I found the location perfect for heading out for groceries, restaurants, cafes, even getting a mani/pedi. Everything was so close by. With Jupiters Casino just across the road and the beach a ten minute walk away, you have all interests covered.

Marc came down a day after me because he had to look after our puppy Odin. I didn't mind because I love exploring by myself. On my first free day, I went on a search for some lunch to fuel me on before a stroll along the beach. After some quick online research, I decided that No Name Lane would be the perfect spot. I had just walked past it the night before so I knew exactly where it was and besides, it had excellent online ratings.

No Name Lane literally takes up a little lane opposite the Bavarian Bier Cafe. There are tables inside that looked nice and cosy but this cafe is so busy you can't guarantee a seat of choice. I ended up sitting in the laneway itself, where there's a lot more tables, chairs and even cushions popped on benches. It was nice but a bit chilly and windy because it was out of the sun.

Soy latte

Obviously at a place like this, coffee is an absolute must. I grabbed a soy latte to sip with my lunch. It was really intense and fabulous although if I was to be critical, the 'have here' serving size was quite small. Marc and I went back for takeaway coffees the next day and with 3 choices of takeaway cup size, I was able to get a serve better suited to my requirements.

Bungalow ham with roma tomato, cheese and Jam Lady tomato relish on turkish bread

My choice of lunch for the day was a ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwich. It was a gourmet version of the simple toastie with premium ingredients and turkish bread instead of regular white. It was plain but filling and tasty.

Close up of toastie

Because we stayed near No Name Lane, I must have walked past close to 10 times. It was always busy and I can see why, with its high quality coffee and simple but satisfying food options. Despite the high volume of customers, service was friendly and reasonably speedy.
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