Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gold Coast Fling 3 - Lunch at Cheng's China Bistro

Cheng's China Bistro

Being OCD about food blogging means that I don't always write about the trendiest or most gourmet places to eat. I can't help but write about everything new that I try. This was a quick lunch stop during our stay in Broadbeach. We actually walked all the way to Surfers Paradise and I started regretting it because I felt like there were better food options back at Broadbeach. I started craving cheap Asian food and we stumbled upon Cheng's Chinese Bistro and basically said "this will do".

It was Saturday lunch and the restaurant had maybe 2 other tables of diners. We were given a one page menu of lunch specials and a large book of a la carte dish options. Marc and I weren't looking for a full on sit down feast so we both ordered lunch specials.

BBQ pork stir fried noodles

Our food arrived alarmingly quickly. One has to question the ability of the chef to whip together two dishes so fast; surely some shortcuts were taken. I couldn't tell if it was my imagination but Marc's dish didn't look as hot as it should have been if it was freshly cooked. He had chosen a stir-fried noodle and as soon as he saw the dish, he said he knew it wasn't going to be as good as the one's we get from the Asian Eateries in Sunnybank. The flavour was uninteresting and the ingredients weren't the freshest. It was a decent serve though and adequate for filling the belly.

Chicken curry

My chicken curry wasn't too bad. It had a nice mild curry flavour that was comforting and went well with the rice. There was a decent amount of chicken in this dish. It was also hotter (temperature-wise) than Marc's was, which made it more palatable to me.

As mentioned the service was fast but there might be a compromise in quality to achieve this. The environment is like that of any Asian eatery, which is messy but sort of authentic and endearing. We didn't expect this place to be amazing and it wasn't but we still walked out reasonably satisfied.
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