Thursday, September 11, 2014

Lunch and Sweets at The Baker's Arms

The Baker's Arms 

I am so caught up in a web of food-related social media that I honestly can't pinpoint how I first heard about The Bakers Arms. It must have been mentioned by some other Brisbane foodie and when I discovered it was nearby in Woolloongabba, it was hardly an effort to pop by.

The Baker's Arms is located in the same complex as Crosstown Eating House, 1889 Enoteca and Pearl Cafe. I know exactly where all those places are so I wish I'd made that realisation sooner. Instead, I followed my GPS around in circles only to finally be lead to this familiar hub of restaurants. Parking can be a nightmare here but I've been to The Bakers Arms twice now in the past week to gather enough information for this post and both times, I've been super lucky with finding a park.

This is a bakery cross cafe and you'll find ample dining space inside and more outside for those who enjoy the sunshine. Most of the treats can be seen from their display cabinet. I believe there are paper menus around too but I was more interested in the daily specials.

The thing that drew me to The Baker's Arms is their own Instagram feed, which has a constant supply of delicious-looking baked goods at various stages of production. I don't think anyone can pretend the food here will promote weight loss but there are some buzzwords in the menu offerings that health fanatics will pick up e.g. spelt, date-sweetened, gluten free and so on.

On my first trip, I already had lunch plans at DePascale later on in the day so I just needed a quick bite to get me by. I chose a soy latte and an apple cinnamon donut blondie and perched up on one of the window seats.

Soy latte

I love this kind of seating, especially as an individual diner because it's so easy to feel comfortable and set yourself up as an observer of the world. My coffee was brought out first and it was perfectly rich and creamy.

Apple cinnamon donut blondie

I knew the blondie would be extremely sweet and decadent but I chose it anyway because that's just what I was in the mood for. It was exactly as I expected. Each bite was so sweet that my teeth actually felt a bit sensitive but it was so yummy I kept going back for more.


It was served with some fruit coulis and whipped cream. I probably would have preferred more cream to neutralise the sweet but the coulis gave a kick of tartness that also helped. This is definitely something to be had with coffee. The flavour itself was as promised, appley with a mild cinnamon spice and rich white chocolate body. I tried to convince myself to stop after the first slab but ended up finishing the whole plate.

My second visit to The Bakers Arms was for lunch after work. This time, I went for a roast beef spelt wrap and a muesli cookie. I know that just because something claims to have muesli in it doesn't mean it's good for you but it felt more health-proactive than ordering another brownie. I did think about getting another brownie!

Roast beef in spelt wrap

The wrap was really simple but tasty. It was the perfect lunch food actually and I loved the fact that the wrap itself wasn't soggy and the leaves were green and fresh. These are the things that normally ruin a wrap for me.

Muesli cookie

As for my cookie, it was the perfect midday dessert. It was huge, so I probably should have just eaten half, and the texture was soft like a ginger cookie. I liked that this cookie wasn't too sweet and the muesli inclusions gave it some texture.

The Bakers Arms is a great place for breakfast, lunch or coffee with friends. There's such a big range of baked goodies, sandwiches and other foods that I'm sure there's something to interest everyone. Both times I went, the staff were really friendly and the service was speedy.
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