Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gold Coast Fling 5 - Breakfast at Base

Base Espresso
75 Surf Parade, Broadbeach

I've decided that I hate 10am check outs. Marc and I left our hotel on Broadbeach at 10 and found that the only food options available were of the bacon and egg variety. That's all good on most days but on this particular day I was really in the mood for proper lunch food. Noodles. Burgers. Nachos. None of those places were open and we were too hungry to wait until lunch trading so we gave up and found a cafe instead.

Base Espresso is located along the main strip of shops in Broadbeach. There's an entry from within the Oasis shopping centre and another from the pedestrian mall. The outside seating is basic but accented with cute details like decorative succulent for the tables and corked mason jars for water.

Mug-sized coffees

We ordered coffees to start with, a soy latte for myself and a flat white for Marc, both requested to be served in mugs. We mused over the fact that soy coffees never have as nice foam art as regular milk coffees. I even tried to embellish mine but it still looked terrible. Taste wise, it was a perfect soy latte and Marc enjoyed his flat white as well.

Most of the menu options available at that time were of the typical breakfast sort that I was trying to avoid. The brekky roll sounded the most appealing to me so I chose that.

Base brekky roll - with caramelised onion, 2 eggs, bacon, base tomato chutney and rocket

The roll did have bacon and eggs (which I wasn't in the mood for) but the caramelised onion, fresh rocket and chutney helped to make it taste more like a burger. It was very filling and provided good fuel for the rest of my day.

Chicken, sundried tomato and feta open sandwich

Marc chose one of the specials, which was a chicken, feta and sundried tomato open sandwich. I had been considering this as well and was mildly relieved that I didn't order it because it looked insufficiently filling. I would say this is more of an afternoon snack than a meal. I'm surprised Marc didn't complain but maybe he wasn't as hungry as I was.

I found Base Espresso to be a reasonable, predictable beach cafe. The menu has all the items you would expect from a cafe and the execution is pretty good. I wasn't blown away by any of the food but it was still fairly tasty. Nothing to write home about.

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