Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Donut Boyz West End

Donut Boyz West End
Mollison Street, corner Boundary Street, West End

Donuts are the dessert fad of 2015. Every man and their dog is baking them, eating them, blogging about them and photographing them. Not one to reject a trend, I put on my sheep's outfit and tagged along. Not that it's a hard task to try a bunch of donuts anyway.

My crusade started at Doughnut Time which was a stroke a luck for me to even get to because of difficulty parking in the valley. I encountered my first sliver of confusion as to how donut is actually spelt. I still don't know for sure so I'm going to hedge my bets and alternate between blog posts.

I enjoyed the novelty flavours of Doughut Time enough to want to try more. In that time, The Doughnut Bar appeared, followed by Donut Boyz in West End. The latter was the easiest for me to get to since I have a poor history of finding food trucks so I made a couple of trips there and ended up tasting enough to review.

Donut Boyz serves out of a funky shipping container located next to Gunshop Cafe. It's a small shopfront that's so randomly placed it almost looks as though it is a magic portal to another land (Donutland, perhaps). All you can do there is buy donuts. You must find somewhere else to eat them (if you eat as fast as I do that won't be a problem) and there's no drink purchases available.

Donut specials of the day are displayed in a clear cabinet for maximum effect. All you then have to do is decide which look the most appetising and order away. There is usually one cronut special but on the first occasion I went (around 2pm) it was sold out. I made a special effort to go again, this time at 9am in the morning and successfully scored a cronut.

I could only assume donuts are not baked on site because the premise is so small. Although there's no chance of hot, fresh donuts these colourful and glistening iced creations look delicious all the same.

Caramel pecan donut

On my first visit I tried the caramel pecan. It had a nice flavour that I enjoyed but dad thought was too sweet. I probably couldn't finish one of these on my own.

Bite shot

The texture wasn't as light and fluffy as I like in a donut. It was a bit firmer and 'bread-like'. It was still quite yummy but brought to mind an iced roll more than a donut.

Salted caramel popcorn cronut

The next time I went, I stocked up with a giant cronut and a pack of sugar crusted mini donuts. Eager I was to try these, I hurried back to my car and ate them in the passenger seat like the porkish weirdo that I am. The cronut was delicious. I had only tasted cronut once before this, in Shanghai and that was phenomenal (potentially the best sweet thing I've ever put in my mouth). This wasn't exactly on that level but it was also very good. There's something about flaky, crunchy layers cut into a donut shape that are just so moreish. This version from Donut Boyz was glazed AND filled AND topped with caramelised popcorn. It was kind of difficult to eat because when I bit one end, the filling oozed out of the other end and through the hole. It didn't really bother me though because honestly, when I'm stuffing my face with deep fried sugar pastry, I'm not overly concerned with dignity.

Mini donuts

I had ordered the mini donut balls as an afterthought to round off my review. They were actually a lot tastier than I imagined. Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things and I personally feel that despite all these fancy donut concoctions, nothing beats a hot glazed donut or freshly rolled cinnamon donut. If these little balls were fresh and hot they would have totally fit the brief.

I think Donut Boyz is a worthy contender in this year's donut race. I'm not sure how long donuts will stay "in" for because the general population is a fickle lot. I personally am already sort of maxed out on donuts. I still like Krispy kreme original glazed best but it was fun to try others.
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