Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gold Coast - Grocer and Grind for Breakfast

Grocer and Grind
Shop 1, 1 Sunshine Boulevard, Gold Coast

Last Friday I went on a wonderful excursion. There's nothing quite like getting up at 5am on a freezing winter morning to drive your fiancé to the Gold Coast for a breakfast meeting. The thought that I could've have been in bed instead was like a knife through my heart. I perked myself up with the bribe of having breakfast out once we got to the coast.

Blossom used to live at the Gold Coast and I remember her recommending Grocer and Grind as one of her favourite cafes. I looked it up and it was walking distance from Marc's meeting venue so I parked my car and made my way there.

Grocer and Grind is a decent sized cafe located within a small block of other shops. It looks very welcoming in the morning sun especially for someone like me who was approaching from afar, with nothing but hot coffee on my mind.

There was outdoor seating available but at that point I was over being outside so I took up a cosy couch tucked away beside the counter. It was very comfortable.

The menu at Grocer and Grind sounds healthy, filling and delicious, which is all I can ask of any meal of the day. I was tempted by several items before I settled for the salmon eggs Benedict. I had already ordered a coffee but as an afterthought I asked for a green juice as well. It sounded too good to ignore.

Soy latte

My soy latte was everything I wanted it to be. It came in a decent sized cup and managed to be very creamy and foamy. I do however hope that someone invents soy milk that foams up without setting into a firm, inedible mesh. I always end up scooping the foam off.

Salmon eggs Benny - grilled salmon fillet, avocado, house made salsa verde, hollandaise and poached eggs

When I read salmon eggs Benedict on the menu, I imagined poached eggs and hollandaise on toast with cold smoked salmon on the side (yup I didn't read the menu properly). What it had instead was an actual cooked salmon fillet that looked so impressive I felt like I was eating a breakfast x dinner main hybrid.

 Lovely yolk ooze

The salmon was cooked perfectly; tender and pink and not at all dry. I also liked the interesting addition of guacamole to the mix. This is what I would call a hearty breakfast size. It's more than I normally eat first thing in the morning but good if you're feeling extra hungry or doing a brunch session.

Easy green juice - with apple, pineapple, fennel and leafy greens

My green juice was so pretty, served in a glass mug to display its gradient of green. I treated mine like a refreshing dessert after my salmon dish. Refreshing it was with tangs of apple and pineapple. Often juice can be too sweet but I found this one to be just right. I couldn't detect fennel but I can't picture how fennel would have complimented the other flavours so maybe that's a good thing.

Grocer and Grind was just my kind of cafe. The food was tasty and generous. The menu has heaps of delicious options and service was fast and friendly. I liked the layout of the cafe, which invited sunshine in by the bucketload and the attention to detail such as himalayan pink salt for seasoning.
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