Monday, July 13, 2015

Strauss for Breakfast

Strauss Cafe and Bar

Long gone are the days when I attended uni in Brisbane CBD and had a vast array of food outlets to decide between at each lunch break. Even though the elderly recluse in me hates crowded places, I can't help but feel envious of the suited city workers who have coffee meetings at glamorous corporate cafes.

I got a taste of this last Tuesday morning when I headed into town for a course. There was something going on in my building so I left early with the intention of having breakfast in the city. I did a quick Zomato search on the bus and decided to try Strauss. Walking through the city, I felt like a country bumpkin on excursion 'the Big Smoke'.

Everyone is well dressed, smells good and walks and talks fast. The very same could be said for the patronage at Strauss. It's a difficult-to-find cafe if you haven't been there before. My best directions are to walk along Elizabeth street until you're opposite the Wintergarden. When you see an alleyway, walk along to find Strauss on the left.

It's a small establishment with some table seating available but when I got there, the only seats available were at the breakfast bench overlooking the kitchen. That suited me just fine until more people arrived and were seated at the bench because I lost all my elbow room. It's fine not to have space to stretch when all you're doing is sipping a cup of coffee but because I ordered an actual food item, I struggled to find space to balance my plates and eat without knocking things over.

Soy latte

Strauss offers table service and much to my appreciation, a waitress asked for my coffee order as soon as I sat down. I asked for a soy latte and it was rich, creamy and overall, a great wake up cuppa.

Chicken and avocado wrap

For food, I went for the chicken and avocado wrap. It was served conveniently cut into two portions. The avocado was fresh but the chicken was a tad dry. I would class this as a great healthy meal option but nothing to get too excited about.

Whilst Strauss is a bit more business person and uppity than suits me as a non-city worker, I enjoyed it as a coffee and meal pit stop. The breakfast offerings are simple but well-rounded although most people seemed to just go for coffee.
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