Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mizu Teneriffe for Dinner

Mizu Teneriffe

The older we get the harder it is to find time to catch up with friends. Everyone's got work, family and hobbies to balance, as well as special occasions, housework, sickness, so on and so forth. Now it's starting to make more sense to me why my mum and dad only really had any social events once every few months. Everyone's just too busy or too tired.

A couple of my work friends moved on to start families and I hadn't yet had the chance to meet their babies. If there's one type of person that's busier than a new mum, it's a new mum who also runs a business. With some degree of struggle, we finally found one weekend where the whole crew was available and booked Mizu at Teneriffe for dinner.

I didn't realise at the time of booking but the Teneriffe festival was actually on that day. I assumed that parking and traffic would be atrocious heading into that part of Brisbane but it wasn't too bad. It was nice being able to stroll through the festival after dinner when things were quieter.

Mizu itself was full so I definitely recommend making a booking. I requested pram space when I called up and they accommodated for that wonderfully. Our table was nestled towards the back of the restaurant with a quick escape doorway for emergency nappy changes.

I'd been to Mizu West End once before and liked it. The original Teneriffe branch is bigger and they offer a Japanese weekend breakfast that I've wanted to try since forever. I missed out again this time because it was night time but we ended up with a tasty feast that I'm happy to blog about.

Jenny and I ordered some plum wine to start with. These were chilled, sweet and sour and very easy to drink. Wangy and H ordered a vial of sake and we each tried a sip. I've never been a huge fan of sake but this one wasn't too bad.

For food, we chose a bunch of dishes to share as a group. The menu at Mizu is designed for sharing, as it likes to remind you with each menu heading (eg "seafood to share" or "vegetables to share").

Large sashimi platter

The first item that arrived was the large sashimi platter. Yum... sashimi. I've had sashimi a number of times in recent weeks and rather than getting sick of it, all I can think is "I wish I could eat sashimi every day of my life". This platter only served to cement this desire. Delicious salmon. Delicious tuna. Put me on a sashimi subscription please!

Seafood tempura - local tiger prawns, calamari and whiting deep fried in light batter, served with ten-tsuyu dipping sauce

We tasted the seafood tempura next. I don't order tempura at Japanese restaurants as often as I'd like to, probably out of health-consciousness. Why do deep fried dishes have to be so tasty. This tempura batter was light and airy and oh so crunchy. The prawns and fish were cooked perfectly tender. Yum yum yum.

Sea bass saikyoyaki - grilled miso marinated australian sea bass, fried eggplant and zucchini with saikyo miso sauce, topped with wild rocket and crispy julianne salad

Next came the miso sea bass. We were warned it would take a long time to cook but honestly we didn't even notice. The fish flesh was quite firm but the miso flavour worked so well in this dish. It was sweet and savoury at the same time and very moreish.

Crispy chicken - twice cooked chicken thigh fillet with lime and mint infused in yakiniku sauce, topped with wild rocket and crispy julianne salad

Our final dish of the evening was the crispy chicken. At first glance it looked like a salad because of the mound of green leaves garnishing the plate. That's probably a good thing since we didn't order any actual vegetable dishes. Once we dug around under the leaves we unearthed a generous amount of crispy chicken pieces. The meat was nicely marinated and they were indeed crispy.

We had a lovely meal at Mizu Teneriffe. From the booking stage to the paying stage, service was friendly and accommodating. Food is of decent serving size, which makes sense because they encourage sharing. I still have to come back to try their breakfast sometime.
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