Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Weekend at Byron Bay - Treehouse on Belongil for Dinner and Drinks

Treehouse on Belongil

I was unsure about writing this review because as you'll soon see, the photos are horrendous. Treehouse is a very atmospheric establishment and typical of what you would expect Byron Bay locals to enjoy in their down time. We went on a Saturday night as part of our Mana Yoga Retreats group farewell dinner. It was busy without being hectic and crowded, I struggle to think of a more appropriate word than 'chilled'. It was dark though. Being as blind as I am, I squinted my way through the menu. Normally I wouldn't think twice about having the flash on to get better quality pictures but I think it's too rude and distracting for a group dinner so I opted without. I decided to publish this review anyway for reasons of completeness (I hate having 'food experiences' that remain unblogged) and because the pizza was worth writing about.

Lychee lasso and mojito

We ordered food as a big group and drinks at the bar. Kat and I got there as part of the earlier group so we made a beeline for the bar. We had cocktails on our mind so cocktails we received. For my first, I ordered a mojito and Kat, a lychee lasso. They were both strong quite fairly well balanced although I found the lychee to be too sweet for me.

While we waited for others to arrive I soaked up the decor. There's an oddball vintage theme with mismatched chairs, printed tables and ivy chandelier. In the back of the room were some couches and low coffee tables against a red velvet backdrop that anyone familiar with David Lynch films (or the Twin Peaks series) would have identified.

When the rest of the girls arrived, we ordered our food. The menu at Treehouse on Belongil is filled with a gorgeous selection of woodfired pizza and calzones, some regular protein mains and more refined versions of pub favourites. Kat and I had plenty of time to decide and we ended up going for a cheese platter and pizza to share.

Cheese board - with cracker barrel vintage cheddar, Tasmanian double cream brie, fourme d'ambert (French blue cheese), mixed nuts, pear and date chutney,  homemade pickles and marinated dried tomatoes

Our cheese platter arrived first. It comprised of a variety of cheeses, hard and soft, along with proscuitto, salami and crunchy breads. There was a sweet chutney to cut through the savoury notes too. This is a great snack and drink combo and we had fun nibbling at the various components.

El Magnifico pizza - mozzarella, salami, roasted potatoes, caramelised onions, gorgonzola, kalamata olives and oregano

For the pizza, we chose 'El Magnifico' because its menu description sounded amazing and it tasted as good as it sounded. The base was thin and puffed and crispy at the edges and soft on the inside without any sogginess. I loved the combination of caramelised onion with sharp salami, blue cheese and herbs. It was so moreish that we inhaled the whole thing in no time. I spied some of the other pizzas on our table and they all looked great.

I can definitely recommend Treehouse on Belongil for a relaxed and fun food and drink spot if you're out in Belongil. The diners and staff alike are easy going and friendly. For a moment we had a hard time even distinguishing who the waitstaff were because everyone's dressed down and casual. The food was tasty and drinks are inexpensive. What more could you want?
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