Thursday, July 16, 2009

Be Green Cafe

Be Green Cafe
Shop 2/8 Station Road, Indooroopilly

I was walking to Cold Rock near Indooroopilly Station when I spotted a cafe right near it. They had huge picture menus stuck on the windows and naturally, I had a peak. Be Green Cafe stood out to me because their menu contained EVERYTHING: lots of Korean-style dishes (I think the place is owned by Koreans) but also Mexican, Italian, burgers and more.

Ambiguous offerings can put some people off. Seinfeld fans will recall that Jerry disagreed with Babu's decision to have a menu containing cuisine from all corners of the world - he suggested that Babu should reopen his restaurant to serve exclusively Pakistanian cuisine.

However, if you've watched that episode, you would know that Babu was ill-advised.

It is my opinion that certain small cafes can pull off a multicultural menu. Be Green appealed to me and it wasn't before long that I gave it a shot.

We went in and were greeted by a very friendly waiter. After much deliberation over the menu, I chose the haloumi platter and Charlie chose the garlic bread and the karaage chicken. Unfortunately, both his choices were unavailable so he switched to Mexican and went for nachos and a chicken burrito instead.


I also couldn't resist Be Green's cake and coffee special. I went with a latte, which was good, and a sweet potato cake.

Korean-style sweet potato cake

It is fair to say that I chose sweet potato cake out of curiosity. It turned out to be very tasty - chiffon layers with sweet potato. I imagined something rustic and heavy but this cake was lovely and light.

Haloumi platter

The haloumi platter was quite thorough, with pita bread, dip, salad and of course, grilled haloumi cheese. It was a great little meal but having said that, haloumi is difficult to stuff up. I recently bought my own block to slice up and fry and that also tasted great. The salad was fresh and I really liked the dressing.


Charlie enjoyed the nachos but I personally didn't find them appealing. I can't see the point in nachos unless there is MEAT of some kind on there. These nachos were meat-free; purely a salsa, sour cream and cheese affair.

Chicken burrito

The chicken burrito wasn't well-received. It wasn't bad as per se but just didn't appeal to our tastes. No big chunks of chicken and in my opinion, the filling was overly herby.

On the plus, there are so many other dishes on the menu and I'm really looking forward to going back! Be Green Cafe is relatively close to my house and is just the type of eating hole I want near me - casual, friendly, clean and lots of variety.

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  1. Hey omg! this is so awesome.
    These restaurants should be paying you to blog about their stuff!!!
    Anyway, WD. Will tune in to read soon =)

  2. I have taken SO many friends to eat here, and every time, every single person has loved every single dish they have eaten.
    Not only that, but the service has always been TOPS.

    This was easily my favourite place to eat and drink (try the lovely angel, sweet baby, and bling bling - AMAZING!)

    However, they have no changed, and are a bakery, instead of a restaurant.

    I was SO devastated.
    If i'd known they needed more customers, I'dve gladly come every single night with a new friend.

    I still grab food as I pass by, and make special trips to get drinks from there, but my Be Green dinner nights will always hold a special place in my heart...