Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bretts Wharf Update

Bretts Wharf

The last post I did on Bretts Wharf was nearly a year ago so time is ripe for an update. I dropped by again quite recently with a friend of mine. We were actually on our way to the Hamilton Portside Wharf but got rapidly distracted with thoughts of 'hey there's Bretts Wharf... why not?'

And, why not indeed. We rocked up without a booking but were graciously seated. It took us a good chunk of the evening just to decide what to order. I was hesitating back and forth between 3 mains that sounded equally enticing. In the end, I decided to play it safe and went with something nice and classic.

We chose an entree platter to share. I ordered steak for main and my friend chose the fish special.

Our wonderful and knowledgeable waiter recommended some wine. I have no idea what it is that I drank but it was delicious. I never thought I'd say that about any wine but it was crisp and sweet.

Tapas plate - seared smoked scamorza, truffle bruschetta, coriole marinated olives, salmon and shiitake spring rolls, banderillas, pork kebab

The tapas platter looked quite cute. It's not really enough to share if you're eating it on its own but since we were also having mains, the quantity was OK. I liked the salmon and shiitake spring roll best.

250g grain-fed rib fillet, sweet potato fondant, wild mushrooms, tobacco onions, grain mustard jus

Mains arrived, and I must say: I really enjoyed my steak. Like I said, I was debating about it for a while because steak just seams so... NORMAL. Most guys have no problems getting the steak on any menu. However, Bretts Wharf is a seafood restaurant and I just felt like I wasn't playing to their advantage. Nonetheless, the carnivore inside me won and I was happy with it. A well cooked chunk of meat is not to be under-estimated.

Steak cross-section

Having had a less than average steak experience at Hogs Breath Cafe, I could really appreciate the difference in quality. The tobacco onion is a bit like crispy onion rings - really yum.

Today's fish - served with petit pois a la francaise (peas, bacon, iceberg lettuce and lemon butter)

The fish was nice and tender and the sauce was quite creamy. Nice combination of flavors there.

It was a pleasant dinner at Bretts Wharf - my third visit now and probably the most impressive, in terms of the actual dishes I tasted. The standout for me was our waiter who really elevated the experience with his enthusiasm.

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