Friday, July 24, 2009

The Pineapple Hotel Steakhouse

The Pineapple Hotel Steakhouse

Last weekend was spent house-hunting with my parents. We wound up around the Kangaroo Point region so I suggested lunch at the Pineapple Hotel. After driving around for ages, my dad figured out that he knew where this place was... and it was actually more towards the Gabba. Off we went.

It was Saturday lunch time but the Steakhouse was rather quiet.The seating area is expansive and you order your food at the counter. There's also a bar in the corner of the room.

Dad and I ordered a steak each and mum got some bread. We were all going to share anyway.

Parmesan herb cobb loaf

The herb cobb came out first. This bread was actually really nice - the crust is crunchy and the texture of the inside is wonderful. Mum in particular liked the bread. The herb butter was fairly strong.

MSA eye fillet

Our steak came not too long after. My rib eye was small but thick. It was slightly overcooked for my liking but still tender and juicy.

Steak cross-section

The sides were average (not bad and not amazing) but the steak was a satisfying piece of meat.

1824 rib fillet

Dad's rib fillet was large but thin. He said he would have liked a thicker cut... but that's probably not the fault of Pineapple Hotel since they had other cuts on offer. Both my parents enjoyed the steak though and wolfed it down. The chips on the side were YUM - crunchy and golden.

Pineapple Hotel does a decent steak. Not the best I've ever had but decent. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed but by no means slummy.

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