Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bombay Bliss @ Milton

Bombay Bliss @ Milton
14 Park Rd, Milton

Though it might seem that I cook and buy Indian food very often, I have felt deprived of late. We haven't tried any of the Indian restaurants in Toowoomba and whilst there has been the odd curry cooked at home, it's very different to ordering and enjoying a professionally-cooked banquet.

I was very excited about going to Bombay Bliss. Very, very excited. So much so that we arrived at Park Road more than 30min early and had to kill time in a nearby cafe.

I've been to Bombay Bliss in West End and the one in Milton seems smaller. The usual trinkets of Indian decor are easily spotted.

We ordered a vegetarian entree platter, 2 curries, 2 types of naan bread, a yogurt dip and desserts to share.

Vegetarian entree platter

The vegetarian entree platter had a nice assortment of entrees to try.

Vegetable samosa

The vegetarian samosa was great. I like samosas as a rule but these tasted, I don't know, more homemade? We joked that the aloo bonda was like potato mashies (remember those?) but much better.

Dipping sauce to accompany the entrees

We liked these entrees so much that we have vowed to order vegetarian entrees more often. Having said that, the fried paneer was bland.

Lamb korma - diced lamb cooked with ground almonds, cashews, yogurt, mixed spices, cream and herbs

We had lamb korma as one of the mains. It's something we order almost every time we get Indian. This one wasn't very creamy or sweet but it was still decent. Good but not memorable.

Gujarati palak paneer - grilled paneer cooked in spinach, tomato, onion and ground spice

We also ordered a vegetarian curry - the palak paneer. It was nice, creamy and rich with spinach and paneer. It had a lovely mild flavor that I liked.

Spinach naan

I chose spinach naan because I thought it'd be nice with the spinach curry. It was a good naan and as predicted, went well with our palak paneer.

Garlic naan

The other naan was garlic. It was similar in texture to the other but more plain, which is good for having with other curries. The garlic flavor wasn't overpowering; thank goodness because I hate garlic so strong that it lingers.

I thought the yogurt side was nice but I didn't find it necessary to accompany the curry.

Pistachio and mango kulfi

We finished with kulfi. Pistachio for me and mango for Byron. I LOVED the pistachio kulfi. It had the typical kulfi texture... sorta crumbly and dense but in a frozen solid form. The flavor was nutty and slightly savory. I thought it was a great way to end an Indian meal. The mango one was more typical in flavor for a dessert and Byron preferred it hands down.

My plate

I really liked the Milton Bombay Bliss. It was small but had a friendly atmosphere. The menu had a lot of things that I wanted to try. Service was good and fast. I loved the entrees and dessert. The mains weren't outstanding but they were definitely enjoyable. I was happy with the serving sizes too.
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