Monday, January 24, 2011

Lok Fok

Lok Fok
19A, Sunny Park Shopping Centre, 342 McCullough St, Sunnybank

I always get excited about new eateries opening at Sunnybank. The selection of Asian food in Sunnybank is nothing to be sneezed at but it doesn't hurt to have more. Most of my 'usual spots' are collectively located in Market Square. When Lok Fok opened (months ago now), I was keen to try it but I'm rarely at Sunny Park plaza so it wasn't easy.

Finally, the other day, I asked mum and dad to choose a new restaurant for us to have dinner at. Dad suggested Lok Fok and so finally, after months of speculation and nearly going in but changing my mind at the last minute, we made the plunge.

The restaurant is small with two entrances. The menu is very much like Little Singapore mixed with Little Hong Kong. No, seriously... I'm not even exaggerating. It was total deja vu. Fried noodles, rice dishes, BBQ meat dishes, Hainanese chicken. You get the idea.

We tried to get as much variety as possible. I chose a congee. Mum went for fried noodles and dad got soup noodles. We also tried 1/2 a roast duck.

Beef brisket soup noodles

Food arrived with extreme speed. Dad's beef brisket soup noodles came out first. The soup was nice - fresh with a rich beef flavor and subtle lettucey zing. There were quite a few pieces of beef brisket which was tender, as it should be. I don't like those thin noodles much but dad likes it.

Shanghai-style fried noodles

Mum had chosen a 'Shanghainese' style fried noodle which uses thick noodles (imagine a yellow, eggy version of udon) stir-fried with veggies and meat. I liked this one very much because it was full of flavor and full of stuff.

Crab and chicken congee

I ordered crab and chicken congee because it sounded like a great combination. Unfortunately, they use seafood sticks rather than real crab and the congee itself was way too fine. Fine and broken down congee is all well and good but this was like... as though they had powdered rice and added water. Too lacking in texture. It didn't have much flavor either.

Roast duck

The roast duck on the other hand looked and tasted great. It was plump duck with a lot of meat to offer. The skin looked promising and when we tasted it, it delivered on crunch without being too oily. The flavor had been successfully marinated into the duck too so the flesh wasn't bland. We were wondering if they roasted the ducks on the premise and I spotted some raw, whole ducks hanging on hooks in the kitchen so I suppose they do!

Lok Fok is a nice addition to the other Sunnybank eateries but it doesn't offer much in the way of uniqueness. Food is overall pretty good and cheap and it's served quickly (always a bonus). Having said that, most Sunnybank eateries meet those requirements so I'm not sure if it's worth bypassing Market Square.
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  1. I've always contemplated eating there. Is there a spicy noodle soup, I am a HUGE fan of spices.

  2. Hi Rebekah...

    Not sure if they have spicy noodle... I haven't been since that one time. I love spices too! Ajisen is normally good for the spicy noodle fix but I'm not sure if the George St one is still open.

  3. Their dry noodles (low mee) is very good. I usually have it with roast duck or roast pork.

  4. Their Indonesian dishes are much better than the Chinese dishes. Suggest indo fried chicken, grilled chicken, rendand , fried rice and sambal. Don't thinkthese are on the menu though. Definitely a unique experience for your taste buds. Traditional Info spices a reasonable price. but yes, the restaurant set up is a bit messy. See my post at urbanspoon. Kkc2354