Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pappa Roti

Pappa Roti
195 Margaret Street, Toowoomba

Being new to Toowoomba, I thought that flooding might be commonplace. Apparently it's not. And the evidence is that this small town is all over the news today.

I live in my sheltered world of my unit + my clinic but I hear that some of the main streets were like rivers with cars floating around like boats. Perhaps that's a romantasized (is that a word?) view... I'm not sure. I missed out on the action.

In any case, the rain's been around for a while and on a day similar to today (but without the dire consequences), my mood matched the weather and Byron took me to have a Pappa Roti coffee bun.

Wow. WOW. I swore at that moment that it was the most amazing bread product ever to touch my lips.

I'll say no more at this point because I went back to Pappa Roti on another day to experience a more comprehensive range of their menu offerings.

Byron and I both got 'Set Menu B' which included a signature sandwich, a coffee bun and a milkshake of choice.

Pappa Roti signature chicken mayo and salad sandwich on toasted wholegrain bread

I went for the chicken mayo and salad signature sandwich, toasted. It was so cute... crusts cut off with a garnish of sprouts. There wasn't a lot of chicken but the chicken mayo combination was delicious and great toasted. It was small but worked well in the combo.

Ham, cheese and tomato sandwich on white bread

Byron ordered the ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, which didn't count as a 'signature sandwich' so he had to pay a bit extra. It seemed bigger than mine. I thought maybe it was just because mine was squashed from being toasted but overall I do think his had more content.

Chocolate banana milkshake and strawberry milkshake

I was a bit starry-eyed over the selection of milkshake flavors. I went for chocolate and banana. On the plus, it was lovely and thick, with an obvious natural banana flavor (as opposed to that artificial banana flavoring). On the down, it was waaaayyy too sweet. Undrinkably sweet. I left most of it behind.

Byron's was the strawberry milkshake, which seemed quite nice. Just a standard strawberry milkshake really.

Pappa Roti coffee bun

We finished by taking our coffee buns on the go. They are huge. And hard to describe... but I'll try anyway (it is my job after all). The exterior is almost like a fried crust, though I'm not sure that's how they do it. It's got a loose and crispy texture with a subtle coffee flavor.

Coffee bun inside

The inside of the bun is soft and fluffy and sweet and right in the center is a dollop of butter. I personally find the butter to be OTT but Byron thinks it cuts the sweetness well because it's slightly salty. I've never tasted anything like this bun before, mostly due to the crust. It'd be AMAZING with a cup of coffee.

Pappa Roti operates like a franchise fast food store. It's fast and the service is friendly enough. I think the sandwiches are a great bargain and the buns are totally unique. My milkshake was cloyingly sweet but I might still be willing to try some other flavors (with a warning off 'hold the syrup please').

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  1. The sandwich pictures vaguely remind me of the cafe across the road from our school.. They make consistently good sandwiches that I heartily approve of. Gonna miss those days :(

  2. Hi Prodigy...

    I agree. Those sandwiches were to me like a blast from the past. Something childish about it. But, in a good way.

  3. OMG, its ROTI BOY!! Its a sweet bun from Malaysia/Indonesia that I have been dieing for for years!! I likened it to the love child of a croissant and a krispy kreme, with a crunchy top and a dollop of melted butter. I actually found the first bakery at an airport by following my nose!
    The boy went to Malaysia recently, found Rotiboy but couldnt figure out which one to buy.

    AND ITS IN TOOWOOMBA?!?! (I'm near Ipswich) Please, don't say it was washed away (not just for the rotis, of course, for the people, and their buisnesses!)

  4. Hi The Bron...
    Hmm... love child of a croissant and krispy kreme... I see it! Good analogy :p.

    If you're near Ipswich, pop up when the roads are safe. Pappa Roti is still in business.

  5. Hm.. it looks like a Mexican bun, which you can buy at Chinese bakeries... but this version does look divine!

  6. Bonnie...

    Where do they sell Mexican buns in Brissie? I'm going to try and compare. BTW, I hear Pappa Roti is opening up in Brisbane.