Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chillin' out on Australia Day

I've heard some people speculate that with Mochi and I living in the same house, we'd be eating gourmet feasts every night.

I suppose that springs from the fact that we're both foodies and have a library's worth of cookbooks between us.

All stocked up

Truth is, we're also lazy. Lunch for us is usually a sandwich. If I'm feeling posh I'll microwave frozen leftovers. The usual dinner for her is salad and for me, it'll be something rediculous like chocolate and a piece of toast or 3 muesli bars.

That's not to say we don't love cooking. It's just that everyday life leaves us tired and too CBF to do anything fancy.

When there's an excuse to pull some dishes out and try recipes from our 'gotta make this' lists, we'll have a ball getting it all together. Australia Day was a perfect time to let the normally-restrained cooking bug come out and live it up.

Seafood lunch

We spent the morning food-prepping, had a lunch of fresh prawns and fried calamari and started cooking/eating in the afternoon. From about 3pm onwards, we spent a good 4 hours or so just grazing on the produce.

Due to my terrible organization skills, I wasn't sure how many guests we'd be having but we agreed amongst ourselves that even if it was just the 2 of us, we'd still go all out.

That wasn't the case in the end (thankfully) and it was great because as much fun as it is to make and eat your own food, it's about 10000000000000 x better sharing with friends.

Thanks to all our lovely friends for coming (some all the way from Brissie) and their contributions of spirited debate, odd topics and interesting annectodes that may or may not be true. This is the stuff that good memories are made of.

To our friends on Australia Day... CHEERS!

Beer bottle cap in a finished glass of Kahlua and milk

Our Australia Day menu:

Starters -
Mains -
Dessert -

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