Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breakfast Buffet at Cafe Forte

Breakfast Buffet at Cafe Forte

An indulgent Sunday breakfast is one of life's great pleasures.

My biggest dilemma these days is deciding to cook up a big feast at home or go out for something nice (minus washing up).

Yesturday, we opted for the later and headed out onto Margaret Street knowing that there would be at least one cafe along the way that had something good on offer.

As predicted, we spotted a sign for a buffet breakfast at Cafe Forte. It was only $10 with $5 from every order donated towards the flood relief efforts.

Cafe Forte has a few tables out the front and two dining areas inside. It was fairly busy when we went and we ended up sitting in the back room.

When we informed the staff that we were going with the buffet, they handed us some plates and we were left free to roam. Mochi wanted a coffee too but unfortunately, no one came back to take the order.

Byron's plate

The buffet comprised of usual hot breakfast favorite such as bacon, eggs (poached and fried), chippolatas and mini hash browns. There was a selection of different breads and condiments plus some cured meat and cheese. For those who prefer a sweet start to the day, there was cereal, yogurt and fruit.

My plate

I thought the bacon was cooked perfectly... nice and crispy without being burnt. The poached eggs were OK but the scrambled eggs were a bit dry.

We would have liked something in the way of vegetables... grilled mushroom or tomato would have really topped things off.

Fruit and yogurt

I finished my meal with some watermelon and pineapple in natural yogurt. The watermelon was surprisingly good. I don't expect much of buffet fruit but this watermelon tasted fresh and sweet.

There were service flaws at Cafe Forte but it was overall a nice and comfortable cafe. The buffet breakfast was great value and the food and selection was definitely passable.
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