Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing beats a bacon sandwich

Bacon sandwich two-ways
Home Cooking

I've been shunning bacon for years now. Years. After a while, believe it or not, the mind/body gets used to it and you start forgetting how awesome it is.

At least, that's what a thought.

A couple of weeks ago, I developed inexplicably strong cravings for bacon sandwich. I'm pretty sure I read about it in a book somewhere. A novel. And it sort of just ingrained in my mind and refused to let me go.

Well I'm not one to refuse my needs. It so happened that I had some bacon stocked away for Byron (boys never go on bacon bans) and I thought I could put it to good use.

Frozen egg... I set my fridge too cold

Over the following week, I had bacon sandwiches maybe 3-4 times. My general formula remains similar... bacon, mayo and stuff. I like it with toasted wholegrain but I think that fresh white bread would work well too.

The first I tried was a caramelized onion, egg and bacon sandwich.

1. I caramelized some sliced onion with a bit of maple syrup.2. Cooked the bacon till it was near crispy.
3. Fry an egg.
4. Toasted the bread.
5. Sandwiched it together with some whole egg mayo (I made my own from olive oil, egg and paprika)...6. ...and a bit of chili onion relish.
7. Voila.8. Slice and enjoy.

Let me tell you this is a sweet as combination. Trendy dessert cafes are starting to incorporate bacon in dessert. Why? Because it's made to be eaten with sweet compliments. Bacon and maple syrup = hell yeh. Bacon and caramelized onion is equally win. To cut the sweetness, mayonnaise is perfect. And the fried egg helps to balance the taste as well. It seems blokey and unhealthy but for a once off breakfast treat, I totally recommend (and yes I do realize I said I made it 4 times a week... don't guilt trip me, please).

My next bacon sandwich creation was a bit healthier. Well, there's green in it anyway. I made a classic BLT with avocado, or as I like to think of it... BLAT.

It's quite straightforward in terms of construction.

1. Fry bacon.
2. Toast bread.
3. Smear ripe avocado onto bread.4. Layer with sliced tomato, lettuce and the bacon.

It's very different to the caramelized onion and bacon sandwich but also rad. The whole sandwich feels lighter and healthier whilst at the same time being very hearty and substantial. Avocado does that for you. If you haven't tried avocado in a BLT, I'd recommend you give it a go.

Mmm... bacon sandwiches. When I think of one I think of plain bacon on white bread, cut into rectangles. That's what I had as a kid. Don't get me wrong, they are awesome. But there is so much you can do with bacon and bread that makes for a filling, at times nutritious adult meal. And, I think because there is the childhood memory association, it manages to work as comfort food too.


  1. I would recommend the BLAAT - adding some aioli in there is HEAVEN. Especially on sourdough or turkish. Drooling now...

  2. Hi The Bron...

    That sounds divine. I thought about adding mayo to the BLAT combination. I can't see how aioli would be anything but an improvement.